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The more than hot energy-saving effect that technology of hot pump of high tempe
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As energy supply and demand contradiction is added increasingly drama, how does the enterprise use the sources of energy efficiently, reclaim all sorts of more than heat thereby energy-saving fall bad news, already became the problem that urgent need solves. Hot pump of high temperature fountainhead is the solves petro-chemical industry the sources of energy and environmental problem effective technology that near future development rises. The petro-chemical industry that at present this technology already was in home of Europe United States applies in great quantities.

Hot pump is with using up one part pledges high can (mechanical energy, electric energy) or high temperature potential energy is cost, circulate through heating power, the energy that diverts heat energy to high temperature object by microtherm object uses a system. Hot pump of high temperature fountainhead is a kind of tepid pump tall, it uses the more than heat in all sorts of industrial waste water to make take hot water of ℃ of 70 ℃ ~90, can use at heating and common industry to heat directly.

In petrifaction industry, produce basically crude volume is defeated by a system is oil field can system, the specific power consumption of this system is taller. In the manufacturing course that system of typical crude oil technology is taking out processing to become eligible crude oil from layer, need to waste heat energy already, want to consume power again, among them heat energy basically originates the natural gas that oil field produces oneself. Reducing the estrangement that heat up caustic to improve heating furnace efficiency before is the main method that heat energy of managing oil field uses up all the time, and more than heat reclaims technical application is a weak point.

At present a lot of oil field of our country already were belonged to in later period exploitation, the water content in picking a crude oil is tremendous. Yield the of 70% water in fluid and the crude of 30% are same, should heat to carry associated station to undertake grease departs from wellhead through pump pressurization, heating furnace, the sewage temperature that depart gives is between ℃ of 40 ℃ ~60. It is with triumphal oil field exemple, at present its collect smeary water to stand 52, blowdown water measures 720 thousand stere outside / day, sewage water is warm in ℃ of 50 ℃ ~70. Among them water is warm in the water of 60 ℃ above the station has 14, displacement makes an appointment with 260 thousand stere outside / day, it is brushstroke very considerable available heat energy fortune.

If use tall tepid pump to extract the quantity of heat of 5 ℃ to undertake reclaiming from which, the energy that can reclaim is 73000 kilowatt. Output the quantity of heat of end considering hot pump, can amount to left and right sides of 100 thousand kilowatt, be equivalent to 10t/h crude oil all flaming calorific value, namely annual the yield of 87600 tons of crude oil can. If use hot pump,drop oiliness sewage temperature 20 ℃ , achieve 30 ℃ to discharge, annual and OK managing crude oil 350 thousand tons, be equivalent to triumphal oil field the crude output of 1% . Visible, the application of hot pump of high temperature fountainhead will make the more than hot resource of oil field and petrifaction industry gets utmost use, innovation gives a few yuan of economy value that get on one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan even, initiate give energy-saving fall the new approach of bad news.
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