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Discharge the breakdown of water pump to eliminate opportunely
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Water does not give after starting: Available gas or wirereinforced suction hose accumulate gas inside pump, or it is heart valve shuts dissatisfaction of lax fill pilot a ship into a harbour, vavuum pump filling is serious and flat, brake a powerful person or pat the door to shut lax.
Eliminate: Cleared and sundry, the rubber that changes to already damaged is filled up, change a powerful person piece direction; Impaction or change new filling, close brake valve or beat the door; Increase fill to bring an amount, fill in till deflate snail till place is not effervescent; Change the pipe that has flaw; Reduce lift, control the nozzle of water pump into underwater 0.5 meters.

The pump when starting does not turn: Filling too close or between impeller and pump housing by sundry card lives and jam, or the pump shaft, bearing, annulus that decrease leakage becomes rusty, or it is pump shaft bends badly.

Eliminate: Loosen filling, dredge causes trough; Ravel pump housing is cleared and sundry, except rust; Tear open next pump shaft corrective or change new pump shaft.

Water pump is calorific bearing attaint: Scroll bearing or bracket lid space are too little; Pump shaft bends or two axes differ heart; Adhesive plaster is too close; Be short of oil or oleaginous and bad; The balance aperture on impeller jams, impeller overbalance, increased to at the same time thrust.

Eliminate: Change bearing; Demolish rear cover, in bracket and bearing between add outfit spacer; What adjust pump shaft or adjust two axes is homocentric degree; The proper adhesive plaster that move a pine is spent closely; Add the butter that notes clean, 60% what butter occupies the space inside bearing; Inside cleared balance aperture jam content.

The discharge after starting is insufficient: Rotate speed does not deserve to cover or leather belt skids, make rotate speed on the low side; Part of installation of axial-flow pump lamina is too small; Lift is insufficient; Suck Cheng on the high side; Heart valve, pipeline and impeller are local jam or impeller is short of caustic; Give conduit slack and serious.

Eliminate: Restore rated rotate speed, oil of cleared leather belt dirties, mix up leather belt is spent closely; Horn of mix up lamina, reduce water pump to install the position; Sealed water pump is flat place, impaction filling; Cleared jam content, change impeller; Change the annulus that decrease leakage, jam slack place.

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