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Electronic-controlled assorted pump breaks monopoly of technology of gush of for
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Technology of gush of diesel engine report is one has technology of representative car core component, to car diesel engine, electric spray system was acted " heart " and " cerebrum " action. Come nearly 10 years car diesel engine is being discharged, power density, NVH (noise, oscillatory, sound brace up surface roughness) the breakthrough of the respect is main the application of technology of gush of profit from report. Because the development of electric gush technology needs the support of multinomial technology, of mass data and experience accumulate the investment with capital of a huge sum to make its enter technology intensive and capital concentrated model product range. Long-term since, technology of component of this car core is installed by rich world, report all the time, the industry of component of car of a few abroad such as Deerfu tycoon place forestall.
As a result of a variety of reasons, oily industry is in derv lubricating oil pump of China to accumulate weak condition for a long time, main product all is to be modelled on, own development capacity is defective, in respect of electric gush technology, domestic industry basically is to be in blank condition. The high threshold that foreign company correspondence sets with product of its report gush (the restriction of line of the products that includes to be able to offer an alternative, price and use safeguard a condition to wait) make industry of car diesel engine is satisfying a state great price is paid in the 3 processes that discharge a standard.
Satisfy the state that is equivalent to Europe Ⅲ 3 discharge code to need car diesel engine to must use electric gush technology, this appears on the technology nonexistent obstacle, because all sorts of electric spray systems are in abroad to get applied generally already, but the meeting when enterprise of domestic car diesel engine is considering to use electric gush technology encounters a few more the following problem: The first, only in all the technology of gush of a few report such as rail system can offer an alternative; The 2nd, the diesel engine product with existing great majority will continue to produce even henceforth and cannot do alter greatly, the electric spray system of the choice must get used to diesel engine to design a characteristic; The 3rd, the price of product of electric spray system that foreign enterprise offers is higher, acceptable level exceeded below a lot of circumstances; The 4th, the maintenance facilities requirement that the electric spray system that foreign enterprise provides needs is taller, and spare parts price is high; The 5th, home supplies fuel character poorer, the content of foreign matter and water is high, what the enterprise outside satisfying a state hard offers is electronic-controlled the requirement of fuel spray system.
According to much market research, one kind can be diesel engine of domestic most car to make the mainstream diesel engine that the enterprise accepts product of electric spray system should have the following characteristic: The first, the technology is mature, have contented Europe Ⅲ to discharge the main character of code; The 2nd, over all dimension and mechanical interface and mechanical list pump likeness continuously, install on existing type very convenience; The 3rd, production technology is relatively simple, easily homebred change, can realize competitive OEM thereby (original equipment manufacturer) the price and spare parts price; The 4th, the as straight as mechanical photograph that list pump has certain inheritance than wanting, mix without exorbitant use uphold conditional requirement; The 5th, better to the adaptability of fuel quality.
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