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The function difference of axial-flow pump and mixed flow pump
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1, specific revolution is different, mixed flow pump is 300m3/h-500m3/h, axial-flow pump is to be more than 500m3/h.

2, current differs through direction pouring out of after impeller (this is main distinction) : Axial-flow pump maintains axial to flow (rotate with impeller the center is parallel) , mixed flow pump is to already axial has radial complex and impeller to rotate again what the center becomes some included angle is inclined to.

3, below same discharge, axial-flow pump lift is lower than mixed flow pump. The price is expensive because axial-flow pump is vertical,the likelihood is, and this cheap mixed flow pump may be type of horizontal spiral case (because of discharge 1m3/S namely 3600m3/h, countershaft sheds pump of pump mixed flow and character is very small, so mixed flow pump may be type of horizontal spiral case, and although axial-flow pump also has horizontal, but horizontal does not have so little flow however, horizontal electromotor is more than vertical electromotor petty gain)

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