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Fluorine of domestic head stage is plastic development is before long successful
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Anhui lies before long successful development gives dragon pump a powerful person before finite liability company fluorine of domestic head stage is plastic suck pump of type magnetic force oneself -- , ZMD series sucks pump of type magnetic force oneself.

As we have learned, of this pump interior shed a component to be used completely too efficient anti-corrosive material -- , fluorine is plastic make, use magnetism couple to combine indirect drive, pump room closes completely, do not have any drop leakage phenomena thereby, can use at of all kinds strong corrode liquid to carry, its biggest function can be sucked oneself namely, the applied scope that increased pump greatly thereby and use efficiency. In addition, this product uses the segregation that newest material makes to cover the mechanical property that has high strength, comb-out the undesirable phenomenon of backset of magnetism of easy generation of pump of general magnetic force. Use on the design distinctive hind the structure that help style, one person undertakes in-house overhaul and fittings change easily, need not disassemble conduit, went to the lavatory to be safeguarded daily greatly thereby and maintain the job.

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