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Pump divulges a reason sealedly with machinery
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Pump uses mechanical and sealed sort various, model each different, but leak dot basically has 5 place:

(Between L) axle sleeve and axis sealed;

(What 2) uses annulus and axial inner room is sealed;

(3) is moved, between static annulus sealed;

(4) is right static annulus and static annulus between sealed;

(5) between end cover and pump housing sealed.

Generally speaking, between the axis that extends outside axle sleeve, the leak between end cover and pump housing discovers more easily and solve, but need meticulous observation, be liquid gas body when working medium especially or when poisonous and high pressure, harmful gas, relatively some more difficult. The leak of the others is intuitionistic go up to very difficult argue is fastened and be judged, on the foundation that must carry out in long-term management, maintenance, undertake observation, analysis to leak symptom, grind sentence, ability reachs correct conclusion.

One, leak case study and judgement

1. installation is static the leak when trying. After mechanical and sealed installation has been debugged, should undertake commonly static try, observation leakage rate. If leakage rate is minor, exist to move annulus or static annulus sealing ring more problem; When leakage rate is older, make clear move, static annulus chafes deputy an existence problem. On the preliminary observation leakage rate, foundation that judges leak place, again the hand moves turning observation, if leakage rate does not have apparent change,the static, sealing ring that move link has a problem; If the leakage rate when turning has apparent change to be able to conclude,be to move, problem of deputy existence of static annulus attrition; Be like eject of axial of leak medium edge, move problem of existence of annulus sealing ring to be in the majority, leak medium to all around eject or from the leakage in water refrigeration aperture, it is invalidation of static annulus sealing ring more. In addition, leak passageway also can exist at the same time, but have distinction of primary and secondary commonly, should observe only meticulous, be familiar with a structure, certain can correct judgement.

The leak that appears when 2. test run. Pump uses mechanical and sealed course static after trying, the high speed when movement rotates the centrifugal force of generation, can restrain the leak of medium. Accordingly, mechanical and sealed leak is eliminating when test run after end is being reached to build sealed be no longer in force between the axis, because move,basically be, static annulus chafes deputy suffer destroy be caused by. Cause clash the element of deputy sealed invalidation basically has:

(In L) operation, because manage to find time, the unusual appearance such as cavitation erosion, hold back pressing, cause greater axial power, make move, static annulus interface is detached;

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