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Small can vector transducer application notes model machine to be transformed en
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Industry of plastic products treatment is light industrial one of development rate is rapidder in last few years industries in the industry, as the grow in quantity of plastic industry measure, reduce manufacturing cost, raise product competition ability to become the issue that a lot of plastic products plants care jointly. In finished cost, charge of electricity held quite large proportion, and the machine noting model with numerous amount is the equipment with bad news most report, accordingly, very much plastic business noted model machine to undertake a large number of energy-saving technical reformation will realize the managing electric energy, competition ability that enhances a business to mensurable pump, but to variable pump a lot of enterprises include the plane that note model the energy-saving company of a lot of major is at a loss what to do, because this goes up to the market,a large number of variable pump of existence note model machine how to undertake energy-saving the heat that transformed care of numerous and plastic business, shenzhen is small can the thorough research that limited company of science and technology carries pair of variable pump to record model machine, what the implementation variable pump that combines newest vector to control frequency conversion technology to succeed records model machine is energy-saving transform, and was obtained 10 - the energy-saving effect of 20 % .

The machine noting model that at present great majority transforms belongs to fluid drive to record model machine, the motivation in fluid drive system drives oil pump to offer by electric machinery, oil pump of its hydraulic pressure is blade pump, the rotate speed of its fuel delivery and oil pump becomes direct ratio, when oil pump motor runs with 50HZ constant speed, the fuel delivery of oil pump is changeless, call mensurable pump so. Its system graph is shown as follows:

The production of the general aircraft that note model has in the process below a few link: Lock model, shoot glue, frit glue, protect pressure, cooling, fly a model. The flow that the machine that note model needs below different process and pressure are different, beard support flow valve and pressure valve adjust the flow that different process place needs and pressure, need when working place when discharge is lesser, oil pump fuel delivery is more than the oily amount that executive component place requires, the redundant hydraulic pressure oil that is in high-pressured condition to fall is all circumfluence of classics overflow a powerful person, much energy is used up through oily temperature rise. Such already aggravate of all sorts of valve wear away, cause oil again lukewarm exorbitant, and to reduce oil lukewarm, toward contact need extra cooling water circulates, create the farther waste of energy. So general and mensurable pump records model machine transform will control rotate speed of oil pump motor to move section discharge with transducer, in the oily amount that the pump inside formulary time gives, just satisfy the need of each behavioral segment, can be in overflow capacity control the smallest state, thereby managing the sources of energy.
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