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Analyse the suitable scope of different centrifugal pump
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Sheet of series of ISG, IRG, GRG, IHG, YG, TEB can be weak suck vertical conduit centrifugal pump, use IS pump performance data, hydraulic model. Machine pump an organic whole, way of imports and exports is same and be located in same horizontal on, the axis is sealed use machine sealed. TEB is me the because the space is mixed,removes condole equipment restriction when the factory maintains pump according to the user, outfit tear open extremely no-go and the newest product of development.

1, ISG conduit pump applies to heating and air conditioning system pressure boost of pipeline of water supply of building of cold hot boiler circulation, high level, fire control, remote be defeated by water, industry to manufacture technology the other medium that sprinkling irrigation of circular pressure boost, gardens, medium is clear water or physics, chemistry is similar to clear water. Medium temperature does not exceed 80 ℃ .

2, centrifugal pump of conduit of IRG hot water basically is used at cold hot water of greenhouse, boiler, bathroom to circulate, of each industry circulate without pressure boost of caustic hot water. Medium temperature does not exceed 150 ℃ .

3, centrifugal pump of conduit of GRG high temperature basically is used at boiler to give the industry such as loop of a boiler circulation, cold hot water, heating to carry without liquid of caustic high temperature. Medium temperature does not exceed 200 ℃ .

4, centrifugal pump of conduit of IHG chemical industry basically is used at be being spun brew of chemical industry, environmental protection, instrument, pharmacy, papermaking, gently to wait for industry pressure boost, carry chemical caustic liquid. Medium temperature does not exceed 100 ℃

5, YG conduit oil pump is used at carrying not to contain solid grain, viscosity is less than 120 li a small bay in a river without caustic oil kind with petroleum products. Carry medium temperature to be - 80 ℃ of 20 ~ .

6, TEB is tear open pump of type vertical conduit, change material can apply to above character all sorts of work environments.

Function limits

Discharge: 5.6 ~ 720m3; / H

Lift: 5 ~ 125m

The greatest actuating pressure: 1.6MPa (200 reach the following line of action) , 1.0MPa (200 above caliber)

0.3MPa of inlet pressure ≤ (when exceeding 0.3MPa, order goods should make clear)

Size of imports and exports of pump of conduit of series of ISG, IRG, GRG, IHG, YG, TEB is same and in same standard way, each other becomes 180 ℃ . The main part of pump has bracket of lid of pump housing, pump, impeller, seal ring, electric machinery to wait, pump and electric machinery coaxial (TEB for independent pump shaft) the axis is sealed use high grade machine sealed. From electric machinery end looks, pump rotates for the clockwise.

Material is qualitative: Cast-iron; Cast steel; Casting stainless steel
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