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The room of a few water pump that should notice in be designed to catchment sets
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In be designed to catchment, be set inside the building via often can coming up against water supply pump room or outside the building, set independent pump house or set the issue that focuses pump room. Install water supply pump room to be able to improve the quality of the building not only reasonably, and still can help development business save investment of much facility capital construction and in the future maintenance overhead expenses.

Separate pump room and concentration install below two kinds of circumstances talk about pump room to give water pump room a few issues that the attention answers in the setting:

The setting of 1 separate pump room

In sheet in the building, pump room is set in commonly most lower level, this is most setting means of economy, cop is short, small to overall effect. But the good and bad are intermingled as a result of water pump quality, the dispute of quality of life of dweller of influence of pump room noise and complain increasing. For this, shanghai " the residence designs a standard " (DGJ08 - 20 - 2001) sets the 6.1.7th times: Water pump room should be not set inside residential building. This regulation although from go up at all solved noise the problem of faze civilian, but be in actual unit process of cargo bandling or encountered a few problems.

(1) for instance commercial building, below a few are bazaar, the residence is above, independent pump house is set in building interior, noise is not big to residential influence. Because night market closes, after separating a few market the noise of pump room is right above residential influence already very small. Below this kind of circumstance, pump room is set inside the building still is feasible.

(2) for instance high-level residence, life pump gives hydraulic power very big,

The setting of water pump room has 3 kinds of cases:

It is water pump room is set on the ground alone, considering the maintenance of cop and safety, canal giving pump is set inside tubal channel commonly;

2 it is water pump room is set below the ground, connect with residential basement, but frame-up to the residence;

3 it is water pump room is set inside residential building, but life pump chooses the pump of water supply of stainless steel dive that is put in cistern, or it is to choose stainless steel breathed conduit pump. 3 kinds of afore-mentioned methods avoided the noise effect to the residence effectively, but put in a few inadequacy severally the first kind of method, namely water pump room is set on the ground alone. This total to the building position has bigger effect.

Above all, want to choose a place technically to set water pump house. Next, should have be in charge of a setting enoughly to provide channel. Again, also be more important is to increase investment.

The 2nd kind of method, namely pump room is set below the ground, connect with residential basement, but frame-up to the residence. Photograph of this kind of method to the first kind of method, because basement connects, give pump valve to be able to go in basement so, and need not establish tubal channel, but the investment of subterranean pump room should be more than the pump room on the ground. Additional, because water pump room is in basement area is bulgy together, the cop that gives general drawing brings certain trouble integratedly.
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