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Shallow the fundamental that discusses accurate and metric pump and control meth
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One, overview
Regard a fluid as nicety metric with deliver the ideal equipment that add, metric pump already was applied at including drink of pharmacy, food and petro-chemical industry widely nowadays inside each domains, loading in process strong sex of caustic, harm, tall agglutinant with high-pressured medium metric add the job. The practice application that passes more than half century and technology are improved, metric now pump has entered its high speed to grow period. Now, mature dynamical drive means and liquid carry end (pump head) material technology makes new-style and metric pump almost OK fulfil the requirement that carries any convention and special medium, its actuating pressure and capacity can satisfy the great majority requirement that industry produces.
What produce process index and automation degree demand as people opposite is general rise, as chemical drug metric with the final actuator that adds segment, the security of metric pump and controallable the gender becomes increasingly important rise. Petro-chemical wait for industry all along celebrated with producing the high automation of the process, also be distributing center type, distributed with intelligent type computer control system uses one of the most extensive fields, consequently the requirement covers suitably to it carry out implement -- the control mode that metric pump also wants to have agile diversity, can make all sorts of control return circuit with all of computer science department conveniently, implementation is more complex more accurate process control. It is the trend that complies with this anew, the famous metric pump manufacturer on international is like German general company of Luo Ming spy is in make sure function of its product tradition continues to precede the world while, have the aid of at embedded microprocessor system, will a variety of adjustment control function and conformity of agreement of data news report arrive in metric pump, came true to adjust to the Shuang Wei of stroke length from stroke frequency truly, the intelligent nicety that makes its product becomes world pioneer is metric pump.

2, the main job principle of metric pump
Well-known, metric pump basically is carried by dynamical drive, fluid and adjust control 3 parts to comprise. System of staff of couplet of machinery of by of dynamical actuating device drives a fluid to carry diaphragmatic (piston) implementation reciprocate:
Diaphragmatic (piston) be carried at the before half week general of stroke the fluid is inspiratory and at second half head of pump of eduction of week general fluid; So, the stroke length of the reciprocate frequency that changes stroke or every time reciprocate can amount to the end that carries an amount to body of tone reduce expenditure. Accurate treatment precision assured every time pump gives a quantity to come true to be carried then the nicety of medium is metric.
What because of its dynamical drive and fluid carry kind is different, metric pump can differentiate roughly force plunger type and diaphragmatic type two big sort.
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