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The type selecting essentials of force plunger pump and introduction
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High-pressured force slop is carried and metal of dispute of board casing filter press produces medium crucial working procedure, slop flows below high pressure, wear away very fierce, common pump cannot issue application in this kind of operating mode. To solve difficult problem of this one craft, the pump of force plunger of oil pressure of YB series pottery and porcelain that machinery of Xi'an benefit Er makes limited company produce, this pump outlet pressure function of tall, wear-resisting good, maintenance is convenient wait for an advantage, it is home passes manufacturer of pump of force plunger of pottery and porcelain of TUV international attestation exclusively. Pump of force plunger of oil pressure of YB series pottery and porcelain applies the earliest in production of pottery and porcelain to sparge dry tower transports slurry, the sparge that produces pottery and porcelain now is dry tower neither one need not pump of force plunger of oil pressure of YB series pottery and porcelain. Current, this pump applies exceedingly extensively in the domain such as porcelain of pottery and porcelain, report, metalloid, chemical industry. To make everybody is chosen better and use pump of force plunger of oil pressure of YB series pottery and porcelain, introduce measure of basic type selecting as follows now:

One, the model of force plunger pump and classification
This pump cent is pump of high-pressured pump, low-pressure large flow and variable pump, akin norms returns cent to be common pump and anticorrosive and acid-proof pump. High-pressured pump is applied to remote or carry oar material to headroom; Pump of low-pressure large flow suits steadily abundantly to carry oar system; Variable pump suits to filter with all sorts of filter press device form a complete set is used, this kind of pump is met as filter the addition of density makes pressure increases  discharge to decrease automatically.

2, the type selecting of force plunger pump
Pump of YB series force plunger basically uses at fluid of in suspension of oar of coal of slop of pottery and porcelain, water, kaolin and metalloid mine carry, also can use at liquefaction of in suspension of oar of mine broken bits, food of labour oar makings, magnetic material carry, carry solid content to be more than 70% , variable pump deserves to have very expensive work and energy-saving efficiency with filter press. The following should notice when type selecting:
Operating mode of 1 , affirmatory medium, force plunger pump is carried do not allow to appear in medium big grain material, can cause working stoppage otherwise, the situation that has a demand to iron pollution should choose pump of stainless steel force plunger, acidity or alkalescent medium should choose pump of anticorrosive force plunger;
2, affirmatory and reasonable discharge range, model of force plunger pump is nominal is rated discharge, proper surplus range should consider when choosing;
3, affirmatory and applicable pressure grade, the rated pressure of force plunger pump all can be achieved 2 - 2.5 MP a , variable pump should be chosen when deserving to use filter press, be defeated by an oar to should choose low-pressure pump, reduce waste;
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