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The technology of craft of hollow and circumfluent pump applies
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1, introductive

What branch of Chinese petrifaction northwest belongs to tower river 6 oil field belong to stiff oily area piece, among them especially with northwest ministry difficult employ reserve area piece is most typical, viscosity of wildcat crude oil all is more than) of ℃ of 10000mPa · S(50, because loss of frictional resistance of pit shaft flow is big, rely on layer energy crude oil to cannot flow to wellhead only. Early days is aimed at this the character with sensitive temperature of area piece crude oil, experimented early or late pyroelectricity cable, heat vitta, cross pump to heat wait for a heat to adopt a technique, among them S711 well (S of · of 34593mPa of viscosity of 70 ℃ crude oil) most heated up power to achieve 310kW substantially, TK6051 well (S of · of 24500mPa of viscosity of 50 ℃ crude oil) most heated up power to achieve 130kW substantially, wildcat still can be not formed produce can.

Through selecting the summary analysis of engineering technology to heat, decided heat collects a technology to be in northwest ministry is difficult employ reserve the main reason that area piece fails is as a result of this area piece oil deposit is buried deep greatly (oil deposit deepness is more than 5500m) , on the low side of ground temperature gradient (100 Mi Wenti 2.2 ℃ ) , be lost of pit shaft quantity of heat, at the same time wildcat is produced can low, wildcat production forms stable temperature field hard.

To this the exploitation craft of area piece locates at mix into rare oil falls finally stick oil extraction craft to go up, this technology can reduce density of pit shaft fluid and viscosity at the same time, solve the problem with big loss of frictional resistance of pit shaft flow thereby. In April 2005, hollow and circumfluent pump undertook in TK6051 well compound mix into is rare the forerunner sex that chooses litre of technology experiments, long this well that makes stop a well to amount to one year obtained the stable yield of 18t/d, for next this areas piece form a complete set of oil extraction technology provided a basis, this technology has good applied prospect.

2, oil deposit and fluid are basic feature

Type of trap of oil deposit of department of Ao Tao of 6 oil field is tower river layer is not integrated carbonate cliff karst seams hole trap. Store the blame of the layer all pledges the gender is very strong, fore-and-aft on store the layer is body be connectinged by what break is communicated directly or labyrinth communicates on the whole, local suffer compact cliff gender and fill up action controls those who be put in oil gas or water to close store collective department. Fore-and-aft on oil gas basically distributings in karst aperture, hole, in seaming, show distributing continuously, namely among do not place water layer. Oil deposit? ­ only then layer pressure is 61.81MPa/5664m, pressure coefficient is 1.09, belong to normal pressure system; Temperature of oil deposit layer is 129.4 ℃ / 5664m, ground temperature gradient is 2.2 ℃ on average / 100m, belong to lukewarm system of on the low side.
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