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Processing of water pump technology and common breakdown source
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One. Vibration appears in moving

1. Pipeline is propped up flabby, water pump base or foundation bolt become loose is to cause oscillatory and common cause, must originally closely everywhere bolt, avoid to appear become loose.

2. There is gas inside the liquid, bolt of join of each sealing surface has microscope water pump and way of wirereinforced suction hose deny become loose, whether does gaskets damage, pump housing and pipeline system spare parts have deny damage.

3. Water pump and electric crankshaft are not homocentric, should undertake adjustment, when turning with leather belt, roll has taken a pine or contact is contacted undesirable, also can cause vibration. Water pump impeller is lopsided the impeller in moving wears away or individual impeller flow path jams easy cause vibration, also curve labour impeller because of the axis sometimes undesirable overbalance and cause vibration.

2. Noise appears to increase in moving

1. Bearing noise: Acoustical source bearing installs place, touch bearing to install place with punty or screwdriver commonly, listen with ear, for clatter.

Electric machinery noise: It is scream sound commonly, can change only electromotor.

Cavitation erosion noise: Acoustical source is inside pump antrum, pi bang snap. 3. Electric machinery sends forum of technology of pump of very hot China

Hair of the wall outside electric machinery is very hot, the likelihood exceeds electric current to move, can involve small exit valve, adjust move inside rated electric current, also may be problem of quality of electric machinery coil, that can change only electric machinery.

2. Occurrence attrition of rotational spare parts, attrition obstruction is increased, exceed electric current possibly also to make electric machinery hair very hot should stop machine examination rotor is agile.

Place of electric machinery bearing is calorific, bearing is short of oil or damage possibly, need to maintain or change bearing.

Working voltage is too low, examination circuit adjusts voltage.

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