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Oil general and black this in company of oil gas of Bie Kesi calm cooperates
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Will understand from company of group of Chinese oil natural gas on October 20, in oil already fastened company of oil gas of Ke Sitan country to sign cooperative agreement formally with Wu Ci recently, bilateral will joint-stock development bright case cloth plays gram oil field.

In April 2007, oil and Wu Ci fastened company of oil gas of Ke Sitan country to sign associated exploration to develop bright case cloth to draw the principle agreement that overcomes oil field in. On this foundation, both sides reachs joint-stock cooperation agreement.

Bright case cloth pulls gram oil field to discovered 1992, be located in Wu Ci to fasten Ke Sitan to expend Er to work predestined relationship of accept basin north, deepness of oil gas bury exceeds 5000 meters, recoverable reserves exceeds 30 million tons, predict to be able to build year of 2 million tons productivity.

Oil expresses about chief in, project of this one collaboration will help Wu Ci Biekesitan is solved the issue wants inside crude oil, project of upper reaches of stimulative China natural gas and in inferior the development of project of natural gas pipeline, enhance Chinese country natural resources to ensure ability further. In the meantime, project of this one collaboration also is the oil in be revealed adequately and rising gets the platform that adopts a technique, team of technology of project of the oil in can be being driven moves toward an international market.

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