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Art amount to the pump employment that consider to go after whole world of high
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IDEX group outstanding achievement strikings, more than 30 mill is had in the United States, Europe and Asian area, through spreading all over the whole world of 100 many countries cent sells network and local agency, provide a service for different terminal user.
The Wright Pump brand below banner of Wright Flow Technologies is pump of Waukesha cubage type and component technically to offer economy model change, have a lot of additional standard character, stainless steel of consistent form of characters or letters is axis and pump lid, synchronous helical gear and pulverous spray gear case. Wright provides reproducing service likewise, in order to prolong the service life of pump. Send a technology by right of outstanding pump, be as high as 34 Bar (500 PSI) pressure and extensive cent are sold, wright can provide local service and global support for the client.

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