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Every pails 80 to 90 dollars oil price already enough to Venezuela
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Venezuela president Chaweisi expresses 18 days, every pails 80 - the oil price that 90 dollars control is already enough to Venezuela.

Oil price of near future international steeps fall, drop to 70 dollars left and right sides by every pails of top nearly 150 dollars when July. To this Chaweisi expresses, near future oil price steeps fall not deadly to Venezuela, because appoint the fund reserve that having high specified number and creditor's rights, oil price drops to also won't be affected appoint the government offers the socialism such as food allowance to reform measure to impoverished population.

Chaweisi expresses, international banking crisis won't affect the development of Venezuela, appoint having sufficient society, finance and technical natural resources to grow in order to maintain economy.

All the time since, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Oupeike) the price of oil price target that did not give out to be made clear. But the oil price of the near future steeps fall those who caused Ou Peike country is anxious. Venezuela is regarded as to be interior of Europe admire gram all the time " the eagle is sent " member, support reduction in production in order to carry higher oil price.

The sources of energy of chairman of Ou Peike spell, Algerian and Halile of mining industry minister express 18 days, the lowermost oil price that country of Ou Peike's member can accept arrives in every pails of 70 dollars between 90 dollars. Ou Peike decides, the special meeting that will hold in Austrian capital Vienna on November 18 formerly comes ahead of schedule on October 24, may make at the appointed time considerably decision of reduction of output.

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