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Treasure steel group assumes the quote that checks a station in antarctic and in
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Now (on October 20) , build personnel composition by aid of 28 treasure steel " treasure steel aid builds Kunlun station commando " will inspect team member one case with antarctic expeditionary, assume the heavy responsibility that inspects a station scientificly in antarctic apogee construction first jointly.

On October 18, be in " snow dragon date " the dock that inspects boat berth scientificly, treasure steel group to China the first antarctic inland inspected a station scientificly to donate housing materials of 4.5 million yuan of main body.

2007, the State Council approves decision our country formally to build science to inspect a station first in antarctic inland. This year in April, national ocean bureau entrusts Bao Gang bear build project of station of division take an examination ofing. Science of antarctic and inland ice sheet inspects a station project content includes life division, scientific research area, logistics division and division to take an examination of an area to wait, total floor area 558.56 square metre. It is divided period the project is carried out, this first phase project will complete construction of architectural of main body of 236 square metre, the plan will come in December this year next year between January finishing. It is reported, this one project predicts to make installation 110 tons of steel structure, bad news besmears with stainless steel material and colour armor plate parts to mix 18 tons for 140 tons.

Bao Gang is in this Cheng Jianna overcame a lot of difficulty in process of project of extremely inland station, such as is in safeguard data side, developed technically for this be able to bear or endure microtherm ensign red, national flag is yellow Tu Ban of colour of dichromatic fluorine carbon; Solving respect of ultralow temperature problem, decorate what what involve in project cabin material to entrust what lab of low temperature of Shanghai traffic university executed 90 Celsius 0 times to be able to bear or endure entirely again microtherm experiments, main after the component such as switch of 21 kinds of material or cable electrical wiring, electric equipment and lamps and lanterns experiments through microtherm, each function did not produce different to change, use function is normal.

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