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Finished product oil opens price of allocate and transfer of derv of the petrifa
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Drop successively in fat trade price of domestic finished product, each just are in for how " shipment " cudgel one's brains for when, china's oldest finished product oil sells the petrifaction in the enterprise to also be can'ted restrain eventually, reduced the price of in-house allocate and transfer of large area company. And the petrifaction in this action distance go up last time price of tone allocate and transfer went merely time of a month. The personage inside course of study thinks, this is one of signal that fat retail price of domestic finished product will reduce.

Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for a reporter from inside be close to petrochemical industry mied wife person place learns yesterday, in petrifaction already last week 5 dispatch ask to reduce price of allocate and transfer of diesel oil of large area company together from this week 150 yuan / ton (contain tax) , benzine of short duration is not adjusted. After the value of 0 derv allocate and transfer that this large area company saves city oil branch to offerring is reduced, price of each district allocate and transfer is roughly: China company of Beijing University area is right price of allocate and transfer of Beijing oil branch 6650 yuan / ton, large area company is opposite Hua Dong price of allocate and transfer of Shanghai oil branch 6540 yuan / ton, large area company is opposite Hua Na price of allocate and transfer of Guangdong oil branch 6550 yuan / ton.

Notable is, be in in September the middle ten days of a month, in petrifaction just the finished product oil of big interval inside countrywide system the attune on price of allocate and transfer 50 - 100 yuan / ton. At that time, petrifaction personage ever expressed in, adjusting price of allocate and transfer is from group interior management balance angle considers, it is to adjust a kind of method of gain of in-house and departmental door and resource allocate and transfer, with market trade price " did not concern " , won't oily to domestic finished product market supplies generation influence.

And think inside course of study, in petrifaction so do, it is to defend the sale price of provincial company, avoid to depreciate overly; Also be the consideration that stems from large area company to maintain profit on the other hand.

To this, our newspaper ever was judged at that time, since the Olympic Games ends, because height of domestic natural resources is abundant, finished product oily terminal market already went low continuously, the inventory pressure of petrifaction enterprise is constant also tall look forward to. Set out from the angle that reduces inventory, near future of two big groups is in all the time shipment of try every means, and way nothing more than depreciate, south oil of reduction of output, north coarse a few kinds, as to go up the way that moves the price is as act in a way that defeats one's purpose as current city state. As expected, oily terminal market of finished product of after this country still changes declining tendency hard, competition is intense with each passing day also, the sale strategy of provincial company suffers the petrifaction in making instead handicap.
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