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Oil still can maintain grail alone in how long
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Yesterday, oil continues in strong, although before other blue chip go low in succession, but the oil in the course is successive the effort of much day, lived firmly eventually grail. In ground of oil of great momentum is singlehanded punt, where does the force of backside come from?

Walk along strong backside or be to add hold power

Oil will release large stockholder to add on September 23 in after holding announcement, not republication large stockholder is added hold announcement, but discovery of data of reporter inquiry Topview, group of the oil in large stockholder is right in petrolic is added hold the action to be not probably transitory, in oil is successive of much day strong, should be large stockholder is added hold be caused by.

Topview data shows, on September 22 that day, in oil is the oldest of a chair be being bought is medium Wai Street of announce of Beijing of silver-colored international negotiable securities does business ministry, this chair buys amount to be seven hundred and twenty-nine million five hundred and ten thousand yuan, sell piece it is 910 thousand yuan, buy 728.6 million yuan completely, occupy the oil in that day to clinch a deal 35.41% frontal. And in oil on September 23 announcement, large stockholder will buy 60 million on September 22, according to the oil in at that time the share price of 12 yuan of one belt is calculated, large stockholder buys amount to be in 720 million yuan namely around. Eliminate besides this chair, basically be fund chair.

The likelihood is added hold 120 million

After this chair will appear on September 22 oneself, till October 15, appeared 6 times again. What this chair accumulative total buys one billion six hundred and ninety-five million five hundred and sixty thousand yuan is medium oil. Rough estimation, its bought the oil in making an appointment with 120 million in all, 0.06% of total share of the oil in be being occupied about.

Add hold time window to draw near

However, announcement of the oil in the basis, its will release quarterly reports at 30 days, so, according to the regulation, its are in 20 days namely next week one hind cannot add quite namely hold, and add the energy of life that hold a ground less, is oil returned in whether if is the near future strong? Have think inside course of study, in add during holding vacuum, consider its to arrive AH element of Gao Yi price, do not eliminate the possibility that capital runs away, bring about share price to drop then. And the grail that faces similar case still have industry travel, medium row, the Construction Bank. How will be its performed, wait and see what happens.

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