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Nanjing carries proportioning valve according to feeling of Wei Ke car adjust an
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Nanjing depends on feeling of car of series of Wei Ke S to carry proportioning valve is series connection at loop of hydraulic pressure apply the brake hind in motivate pipeline, its action is the appearance that avoids rear wheel to appear to be held in the arms dead first. Current, hind after P1 of motivate pipeline pressure and P2 synchronism grow fair value PS, try automatically to the growth of P2 namely abstemious, make the increment of P2 is less than the increment of P1.

Feeling the construction that holds proportioning valve and working principle

Proportioning valve uses two end commonly bear the construction of wrong way piston that controls an area to differ. When proportioning valve does not work, wrong way piston 2 in bedspring the action of 3 falls be in on ultimate position, right now valve 1 maintain open, control the initiative level that pressure P1 and output pressure P2 increase from 0 synchronism in the input consequently, always be P1 is equal to P2. But the action area A1 of pressure P1 is π (D2-d2) / 4, the action area A2 of pressure P2 is π D2/4, consequently A2 is more than A1, active force of hydraulic pressure of reason piston upper part is more than active force of hydraulic pressure of piston lower part. The process grows in synchronism of P1, P2 in, go up when the piston, the difference of action of below two upright hydraulic pressure exceeds bedspring of 3 when tightening force beforehand, the piston begins next moving. The piston when growing fair value PS with P2 when P1 the valve base in 2 lumen and valve 1 contact, into oil pocket and give oil pocket to be isolation namely, make proportioning valve enters balance state. If raise P1 criterion piston to will pick up further, valve once more open, oily fluid continues to flow into an oil pocket and make P2 lifts ceaselessly, but be more than A1 as a result of A2, p2 has not increase new P1 cost, the piston drops to balance the position again. In either balance position falls, the balance equation of the force of wrong way piston is: A1 F of road of P2 road A2=P1 (the bedspring force that here F leaves to balance position) .

The increment that assures P2 thereby is less than the increment of P1, be like bedspring the bounce F of 3 is changeless, criterion PS point is constant, namely the job of pressure of pipeline of abstemious rear wheel nods proportioning valve to have nothing to do with the load of the car, this carries proportioning valve with respect to dispute feeling. If want to make its work,the size photograph of dot and car load suits, must the size that can change bedspring force, this feels namely carry proportioning valve. Setup of system of a powerful person is on frame, among them piston has valve inside the 4 cavity of right ministry 2. Not when apply the brake, the piston is in feeling hold tensile spring 6 through lever the temporary lodging during a trip of 5 thrust F action that bring to bear on position of Yu Youduan maximum, valve 2 because of its snail of lever ministry contradict fills in 1 and open.
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