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Answer steel of cold winter fierce and Han look forward to to sign long-term coo
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On October 16, the reporter learns from trade of fierce steel nation, this company and Korea POSTEEL sign long-term cooperation agreement. Product of rolled steel of content of the high additional cost such as steel of cop of fierce steel oil, high-tech will infiltrate through POSTEEL middle east market.

POSTEEL is Korea the wholy-owned enterprise of the administer below POSCO of famous and steely enterprise, basically pursue the commerce of rolled steel and relevant domain and investment business, 2007 rolled steel of imports and exports 2.51 million tons, turnover exceeds 1.6 billion dollar.

Trade of nation of the steel that occupy fierce introduces, face cold winter of iron and steel, this company increases pair of abroad engineering markets tackle key problem strength. After to POSTEEL in understanding overseas investment project needs to purchase rolled steel from China, they are passed talk things over actively with the user, project of project of cop of project of POS-JKLLC of A couplet chief of a tribe and African Oman GIPI, undertake dogging as the key, what get project place finally to use rolled steel is preferential the authority that offer money.

According to the agreement, 2009, wu Gang supplies 3-5 to POSTEEL 10 thousand tons of medium plate and 3-5 steel of cop of oil of 10 thousand tons of X70, use at project of storage tank of oil of A couplet chief of a tribe and Oman ERW pipe laying respectively. This overseas to enlarging product of fierce steel high end further market will rise better urge action.

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