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Group of made of baked clay axis signs large order of wind report bearing again
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On October 16, group of made of baked clay axis and group of industry of cable of Guangdong Mingyang wind are signed 2009 product supply agreement 373.2 million yuan. This is group of made of baked clay axis after with the country before long report combines motivation to sign bearing of report of about 300 million yuan of wind before afterwards, the order of the biggest brushstroke that receives again.
Product of dominant of group of industry of Guangdong Ming Yangfeng cable is with wind-force of million made of baked clay class generation set is bibcock, complementary control a system with wind report, system of wind report frequency conversion, group of wind electric machinery, lamina. Since this year, guangdong Ming Yang company signed crab with made of baked clay axis early or late, change the supply agreement of bearing of paddle, main shaft.
In recent years, group of made of baked clay axis in order to revitalize equipment manufacturing industry the bearing of form a complete set of high quality scales that great technology equipment needs 16 crucial domains directs for the market, lay world advanced level, executed the technical reformation that yields strong investment, Gao Shuiping, quickly, investment built technology of nicety of made of baked clay axis and production industry garden. Current, wind-force generates electricity equipment series bearing transforms a project already put into production, for home 1.5 million tile, 2.1 million cover with tiles fan form a complete set, 3 million cover with tiles bearing of fan form a complete set already produced. Made of baked clay axis already signed 10 much fan with a few users bearing supply agreement.
King road arranges president of company of group of made of baked clay axis to make an appointment with ceremonially to point out in the autograph, on development of wind report bearing, made of baked clay axis is paid attention to not only for goods, cooperate with the long-term strategy between the client, pay attention to the development at the technology more. Made of baked clay axis next the target is, become influential on the world force, platoon advanced 3 wind report bearing creates a company. Group of made of baked clay axis will make an enterprise move toward the world stage by stage by domestic bearing, make the world-class bearing group that has international competition ability.

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