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From China branch of valve of association of general and mechanical industry understands, our country is annual valve market clinchs a deal the forehead is as high as 50 billion yuan or so, but the market that has many yuan 100 however among them by foreign valve business occupational. They think, want to change this kind of current situation, improving valve quality is crucial.
Valve has quite large proportion in mechanical product. According to statistic of foreign industry developed country, the production value of valve is compressor, fan and pump 3 person summation, 5% what hold production value of whole and mechanical industry about. In the meantime, regard great skill as the main component of equipment, supply drainage system in electric power, petrifaction, metallurgy, city especially in, valve is to having crucial effect more, and dosage is very big.

Current, business of our country valve makes an appointment with more than 6000, among them annual produce exceeds 5 million yuan have 900. The valve company that home appears on the market 3, namely in bright phearl of share of nuclear science and technology, Hong Cheng, Guangdong. Last year, in nuclear science and technology advocate business Wu income 235 million yuan, big city share advocate business Wu income 146 million yuan, guangdong bright phearl advocate business Wu income 150 million yuan. These enterprises, no matter be its dimensions, still be product quality, cannot contend with foreign congener enterprise at present.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, cause the reason with at present passive market of our country valve to basically have two sides: It is homebred valve product and entrance product have difference than returning, quality remains to rise; 2 it is certain user homebred change consciousness not strong, factitious even ground sets a threshold, make domestic company is in with foreign enterprise contest win the bid hard when mark.

The expert thinks, all sorts of valve that our country enterprise produces at present are general the leakage outside existing, inside quality of leakage, exterior not tall, life weak point, operation is ineffective electric unit moves work and valve compatibly device is fluky wait for defect, partial product is equivalent to last centuries only the international level at the beginning of 80 time. Accordingly, develop valve industry, develop the new product with technical high content urgently.

Expert requirement, valve industry should use advanced level of international standard and abroad energetically, carry out existing national level strictly, undertake reform to having a product, the product after making update achieves last centuries level of 90 time international. In the meantime, valve industry should be chosen to the raw material of casting forging, foundry technology, forging the link such as craft, heat treatment takes effective measures, make casting forging semifinished product reachs international level in immanent quality and exterior quality.
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