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Neat group of 2 machine tools wins gold prize of manufacturing industry of first
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On the plenary meeting of prize-giving celebration of first gold prize of Chinese equipment manufacturing industry that holds late on October 9 in hall of Beijing people congress, neat limited company of group of 2 machine tools is obtained first China equiped 2008 manufacturing industry gold prize (integrated large award) . It is reported, this award be what choose an activity this is exclusive large award.

Neat 2 machine tools produce oneself advantage actively, market of high end of manufacturing industry of equipment of race to control. The home market of boring machine of mill of dominant product be born that its have own intellectual property is had rate maintain from beginning to end in 85% above, become boring machine of the world's oldest mill of numerical control be born to produce production base. The enterprise is annual research and development a variety of 10 new products, rolled out type of door of horizontal of lathe of vertical of Shuangzhu of boring machine of mill of be born of heavy-duty numerical control, numerical control, numerical control, dragon early or late 5 axes linkage mixes online bed to wait have home, international the hi-tech of advanced level equips.

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