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Force pulls gram of admire of oil price Europe to cut output of 1 million pails
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Famous energy advisory company, headquarters sets the whole world in the PFC the sources of energy of American Washington to seek advice from a company to say today, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Oupeike) will be in very likely its will announce day cuts output of 1 million pails of oil on the conference on November 18.

PFC the sources of energy seeks advice from a company to say, the plan will hold what the Oupeikeru of special meeting worries about oil price very much today to steep fall in Vienna on November 18. Crude price already dropped from every pails of record-breaking July this year 147 dollars 47% . 1 million pails oil output occupies Oupeike about at present about 3% of crop.

The oil supply of 13 members country holds global oil output the decision that the Oupeike of 40% above announced to should organize a plan to will hold urgent meeting in Vienna on November 18 last week. Shajibo Halile of chairman of Ou Peike spell says, reduction of output is " very possible " . The oldest oil exports the world Saudi Arabia heretofore did not indicate the state whether will this country support reduction in production.

When PFC the sources of energy seeks advice from company assayer to wear Wei Jierxi to will accept media phone to interview in Paris on October 15, say, ou Peike more and more the oil supply that realises they ought to take off 1 million pails from the market.

PFC the sources of energy seeks advice from a company to overcome what Vienna conference will hold on September 9 to forecast Oupeike correctly to will announce day reduces supply of 500 thousand pails of oil before today in Europe admire, and in Oupeike the conference will hold the analyse of 32 v/arc a person's status that accepts investigation of Peng rich news agency before today on September 9 there are 29 assayers to think Oupeike will not change yield in the expert.

Company of the middle ten days of a month of PFC the sources of energy forecasted the decision on the meeting that Oupeike will hold on September 11, 2007 correctly to raise oil yield, and 23 assayer that Peng rich news agency investigates forecast Oupeike to won't change yield.

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