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31 groups will hold contest of skill of numerical control lathe work ceremonious
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A few days ago, reporter from 31 groups appoint know, contest of skill of lathe work of 31 groups numerical control is about to pull open heavy curtain.

To increase company core competition ability and own innovation capacity, develop the team of high skill talent with a good quality as soon as possible, 31 groups appoint constituent pump sends, chance of route aircraft, equipment of crane, agitate, port, plan boosts cadre, science and technology, reshipment, stake machine, 31 schools, medium become, the lathe work of numerical control of all on guard of steam of resurgence, lake or have lathe of proper numerical control.

On October 11, 2008, 31 when come from the Shanghai, Shenyang, Beijing subsidiary outside be stationed in take part in the match player assemble Changsha, they 43 players with Changsha cadre together, the technical ability that has by a definite date 18 days grooms. Later, will take part in the match from these 74 50 are singled out to attend in the player on October 30, the final that will hold on November 2.

The match checks branch for theory and operate two parts actually, among them 20% what academic achievement holds weight, assessment content comprises professional skill and company culture, 80% what real operation holds weight. Below the premise that amounts to mark in achievement of assessment of academic, real operation, according to integrated achievement of the player the rank reviews each award.

According to game system, before obtaining 3 player can enjoy treatment of secondary division level at least, this one award is great invigorated take part in the match player taxi is angry, also will start a group inside " than, go all out, drive, super- " skill study atmosphere.

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