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Be benefited profit of the oil in price of attune of finished product oil drops
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Suffer finished product oil to move price impact, chinese oil (11.97, 0.07, 0.59% , ) the profit before duty of before company of natural gas group 3 quarters drops speed gets alleviating certainly. According to interior of Chinese oil group the personage discloses, this group this year 1 ~ September the profit before duty relatively the corresponding period dropped last year 27.8% , fall than this year 1 ~ June 39% reduce somewhat.

Industry analyst thinks, this is main profit from is moved on the case of finished product oil price June 20. Although as international oil price drop, the oil of turn over to the higher authorities of place of the oil in future is special the growth rate of accrual gold will somewhat slow down, to its prospective profit drops also have slow down effect.

Be benefited finished product oil moves price

Chinese oil group is Chinese oil (601857, the parent company of SH) . According to this group interior the personage says, the profit before duty of before Chinese oil group 3 quarters is controlled for 98.98 billion yuan about, dropped compared to the same period 27.8% , fall relatively 1 ~ will narrow June 11.2% . As a result of in oil appears on the market the asset of the company is occupied in the 90% above of oil group total assets, this also makes clear from a flank in oil appears on the market the profit before duty of before the company 9 months glides to also show contractible state.

In outstanding achievement weighs oil first half of the year, 1 ~ its net profit will glide 81.83 billion yuan of the corresponding period from last year in June reach 53.62 billion yuan, net profit glided compared to the same period 34.4% .

The Cheng of analyst Zhao Peng that day photograph invests thinks, 3 quarters, the main reason that annulus of Chinese oil outstanding achievement compares improvement is price of attune of finished product oil, after the price is adjusted in oil refining of oil share second half of the year and sale can be decreased deficient 45 billion yuan or so. Additional, self-sufficient rate compares oil crude oil in tall, achieve 78% above first half of the year, add crude oil sum of processes smaller, this also is the main reason with its relatively stable outstanding achievement.

Future but little pay is special accrual gold

The profit of Chinese oil group is added fast leave from 2006 ask for oil to be affected since extraordinary profit gold and appear to put delay apparently.

Near future of international crude price appears to drop greatly, already appeared oil price drops the case that breaks 80 dollars, this or oil of turn over to the higher authorities of group of the oil in will be being restrained are special of accrual gold add fast. Zhao Peng Cheng thinks, the outstanding achievement annulus that this is not before group of the oil in causing 3 quarters compares the reason with main improvement, because 2, of 3 quarters crude oil all valence is about the same, meaning extraordinary profit gold should be about the same to the influence of outstanding achievement.
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