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Develop the foreground that concrete pump sends the couplet in accelerating mach
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Couplet heavy division is in our country in the project holds significant position in mechanical industry, advocate battalion concrete machinery, lifting appliance, hold machinery of battalion environmental sanitation and road surface machinery concurrently. Did business 2007 machinery of the concrete in income is occupied 39% , lifting appliance is occupied 47% , advocate machinery of the concrete in business Wu profit is occupied 43% .

Business of etc of environmental sanitation machinery, road surface machinery does business in the company the place in income and profit takes scale minimum, and market space also is not very big, accordingly, to the whole of the company management state won't produce very big effect.

Concrete machinery grows in adjust

Concrete machinery product is had very tall enter doorsill and wool interest rate, because this attracted numerous business,participate in. Concrete machinery product not only very high threshold is had on the technology, and also be requirement of safeguard of pair of quality, stability, after service extremely expensive product. In building construction, concrete is irrigated building is the job with a time and working procedure extremely strict requirement, once begin to be about to beg activity in series, if because breakdown appears to be interrupted for long,will create construction quality problem, bring inestimable loss. Accordingly, the user of concrete machinery has very high demand to after service safeguard. Couplet, 309 big firms serve as the person be sent first of the market in, had built concentrated service site in the whole nation, have efficient after service to ensure personnel, have right other hind the person that enter is taller send an advantage first.

The each respect element such as integrated estate adjusting control and bulk cement promotion, we think, home sent inflexible demand to rise than there still can was appreciably 2007 to concrete pump 2008. 50% what China has held world cement output, the times of the large-scale construction of Euramerican developed country has gone, the market of China's current exit basically is the country of a few resource in and other places of country of afro-asian the third world and middle east, Africa, we think the international market still can send machinery to bring 50% right-and-left markets to Chinese pump patulous space, again upgrade dilate difficulty is greater, accordingly, pump sends machine advocate battlefield still is in home, adjusting control of domestic real estate sends mechanical influence to cannot be ignored to pump.

We predict, couplet weighs the sale of annual of concrete pump car of the division to make an appointment with 1240 or so in, grow somewhat than 2007. Pull pump and car to carry pump sales volume to be 1300 about.

Lifting appliance maintains high speed to grow impetus

Couplet heavy division is the 2nd big automobile crane of our country produces business in, crop achieved 4000 2007, be next to Xuzhou to weigh labour. The company notes bring up again expensive product standards, class and upgrade replacement, 2007, progressively 2008 from common 20-30 ton class automobile crane to 50, upgrade 60 tons replacement, increase the proportion of medium-sized, large automobile crane, raise the average unit price of the product and gain level then.
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