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Market of valve of 78 months of pump is supplied and demand
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Centrifugal pump, the everybody that regards pump as the product a group of things with common features, own the market share that comparative from beginning to end. Its market is supplied and the market is begged buy reside in congener pump product tall. Supplying a side, in July, the supply of centrifugal pump market is identical in August, maintain be in locally; In market demand side, the market mixes the centrifugal pump August to will be compared July, show a bit active, during the Olympic Games, demand also had the market of centrifugal pump to lift momently, so that the state of supply exceeds demand is very apparent. In Olympic Games eve, competition ground of Qingdao Ao Fan appears many waterside liver mosses, bureau of boat of Qingdao city harbor uses Switzerland a kind of special water pump technology, transformed 8 landing boat via succeeding, all equiped advanced " centrifugal pump " , clear offshore waterside liver mosses makes an appointment with 13 square kilometer, "Centrifugal pump " the main force that becomes contest of Qingdao Ao Fan to salvage waterside liver mosses, pay close attention to Ao Fan to surpass waterside liver mosses to salvage incident please.
Blowdown pump will be behaved with the market August in July very quiet, without big wave motion, moderate of scale of supply and demand. Build ceaselessly in the typhoon of situation in August, blowdown pump also was become alleviate a hero of Shanghai rainstorm, interpose the indulge in wilful persecution at the typhoon, and problem of catchment of Shanghai road surface, caused torrential rain of Shanghai bend basin, accordingly, to problem of the catchment of road surface, sewage drain off water, need blowdown to be solved in time of pump, catchment pump.
Concrete carries pump market, long-term it is seek bought status for be more than slightly. The concrete pump market August is being supplied and beg buy a respect to did not rise and fall greatly, its supply appreciably rises. The heavy industry product of 31 created a new record for concrete pump market again. On August 28, 31 equipment are the first tall television tower of world -- canister of core of Guangzhou new television tower seals a success, construction just uses 2 31 HBT90C2122D, 3 HBT90CH2135D, lever of 2 HG38B cloth is loaded advocate concrete pump sends the tower the mission, concrete pump sends equipment 100% for 31 equipment. In the meantime, 31 established fancy service group, offer comprehensive pump to send the programme of construction, the successful pump that is concrete sends escort the Emperor convoy.
The market supply August mixes vavuum pump to will be compared July, reduce apparently, from on the graph can see. The vavuum pump market July appeared even the situation of supply exceeds demand, manufacturer home should notice to do certain crop to contract; Vavuum pump market will have alleviation a bit August, beg with the market August buy keep balance basically. Such as of market of other pump product is metric pump, membrane pump, sumbersible pump, still carry the market state of supply exceeds demand. In August, it is the month that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games that the world fixes eyes upon opens contest, the Olympic Games regale of a field is being performed ceaselessly, people spent an unforgettable Beijing in favor joyance in August. We can remember those Olympic Games heroes, also can thank those to support an Olympic Games at the same time " hero of behind the curtain " . The valve market of 78 month, have very much " raised " situation. The market demand with high-key from beginning to end product of butterfly a powerful person, the situation with crushing beautiful women or fragrant flowers, be far ahead, market demand will have butterfly a powerful person to rise apparently July relatively August, beg buy business to go tall continuously to the demand of butterfly a powerful person. Supplying the market to maintain changeless premise to fall, the acceleration of this kind of demand is pulled big supply and demand of market of butterfly a powerful person is contradictory, butterfly a powerful person produces business to need to enhance the knowledge to the market, launch production around demand.
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