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High-quality goods appears on the market centrifugal pump of stainless steel of
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Stainless steel product serves as in last few years burgeoning material, already in the infiltration production to centrifugal pump product, depend on durable, wholesome, clean character, stainless steel centrifugal pump is wide for consumer place praise highly. Interpose hereat, this small make up recommend line of business of pump of Hangzhou south special type especially trade of pump of new Territories of limited company, Zhejiang is limited company, open the product of a few centrifugal pump of limited company of industry of river city new power, purchase business and consumer in order to provide dinner for.

Line of business of pump of Hangzhou south special type limited company is market scientific research, production, sale produce manufacturer at the pump of stainless steel multistage of an organic whole. The company founds ten years to come, devote oneself to the innovation of science and technology and management from beginning to end, development goes apply to irrigation and drainage of water supply of industrial and mining enterprises, city, farm, petro-chemical, high level to build water treatment of water supply fire control, industry and clean water, those who restrict heating of industry, boiler, air conditioning to wait for each industry with pump. The multistage of stainless steel of series of dominant product DL of the company stands / stainless steel of series of horizontal pump of multistage of stainless steel of series of pump of vertical of multistage of stainless steel of series of horizontal pump, CDL, CHL/CHLK/CHLF, QY enrages contamination of sewage of series of fluid mixing pump, WQ pump of phreatic water report, pump of report of dive of deep well of multistage of SJ series stainless steel, the main function index that wait achieves pump of multistage of stainless steel of CDLK series immersion completely already international is advanced level.

Suck type efflux centrifugal pump oneself, piece hydraulic tall, it is good to suck function oneself, pump housing and impeller use stainless steel data, efflux implement use high strenth wear-resisting plastic make, the water quality with different pump has longer service life; Use wind cold formula dustproof electric machinery, inside protector of buy overheat overload, safety in operation is reliable; Close coupled type is overall, impeller of not easy generation slants grind; Take whorl contact oneself, quick and simple and easy installation; The structure is compact, mobile part is little, hard usage and safeguard easily reach maintenance. Apply to carry rare, blame combustible the does not contain fiber and solid grain liquid that explodes easily, for example: Water supply of reservoir store water, household, system is defeated by water, pressure boost system.

Line of business of pump of Zhejiang new Territories limited company is the joint stock company that a professional production runs of all kinds pump and control equipment. The company is founded 1989, floor area 60 thousand much square metre, existing employee 800 much people, year manufacturing water pump is covered more than times 100, the product has 3000 a variety of norms, wide application irrigates at farm, the life is taken water, fire control, building, mineral products, sewage disposal, industrial the industry such as water. The company builds a home's banner technology research and development and commerce platform for compose, job of pump of Zhejiang new Territories is created in Shanghai limited company (Shanghai) center of technical research and development, established Shanghai Europe leopard industrial limited company. The company is in " it is a center with user demand, go after the character with top-ranking international, exert oneself promotes an enterprise competition ability, the product that offers satisfaction for the client and service " below quality policy guidance, development is swift and violent, times get attention of domestic and international industry.
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