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Raw material rises pump valve domain is faced with industry reshuffle
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"Because suffer raw material to rise in price, manpower cost rises and the influence of the many sided such as float of RMB exchange rate, the value of water pump product that exports up to now had risen 20% , whether to continue to rise in price next should go up according to what exchange rate reachs raw material a circumstance and calm. " cropland of Xu Min of limited company general manager will say course of study of pump of Zhejiang new Territories on May 9.

As we have learned, iron ore rises in price caused new round iron and steel rises in price. After the Spring Festival passes, steel of of all kinds whorl, profile, wire, cold hot-rolling board the price all appeared of distinct range rise. On Feburary 25, association of Chinese iron and steel industry releases statement to point out, steely industry will enter period of a high cost, price of domestic steel products this year a year in will move in perch continuously. The personage inside course of study thinks, front of our country mechanical manufacturing industry faces the test that rolled steel cost rises, and to exporting a company character, this brings about the likelihood those who export amplitude to put delay.

Steelworks moves price again and again

Trade in an iron and steel the price of steel of near future home of professional website home page takes situation picture, can see a curve that rises unexpectedly. In company of production of steel of domestic main thread, have 126 the home is urgent after the Spring Festival on moved factory price, some goes up 3 times two repeatedly in a week even.

"Went up many times last week, go up every time 50 yuan, 100 yuan. " Ms. Yang says the dealer of market of rolled steel of gold of short for Zhejiang Province, at present rolled steel price had exceeded 5000 yuan generally / ton, be in historical perch.

And basis " my steely net " of Zhejiang ministry trade data, before New Year, use at machinery to make, the plank price of shipbuilding industry is in 4800 yuan / or so tons, be in at present 5200~5300 yuan / ton exalted dish whole.

"Like though follow,selling food, receive price tall, sale price also rises accordingly, but the price is high now, dare not take too much money. " distribute door yellow director says, present method is to have order reentry money, speed goes out quickly, he has 3 days only to quotation period of efficacy of the client.

Exit product value rises generally

"Now, the quotation period of efficacy that gives a client has 7 days only commonly. " Chen Jianming of president of group of electric machinery of Fujian far east will say on May 9, "So far, the export price of product of high-end water pump had gone up tone 20%~30% . The export price of product of high-end water pump had gone up tone 20%~30% ..

Feng Bin not long ago discloses general manager of limited company of imports and exports of Jiangsu Chun Lan, this year door air conditioning increased export price in the center of type, because air conditioning gives buccal amplitude to be able to put delay likely this year in the center of this type, and the focal point that rising market makes Chun Lan develop.
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