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Witness the birth of the world record with new product of jib pump car
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On September 23 afternoon 13: 30, pucimaisite holds the world in Beijing fishing in relief restaurant car of pump of the longest jib, news briefing of BSS70-5 new product. Delegate of company of the technologist inside the much home media of industry of domestic project machinery and industry, construction attends on invitation this second news briefing, the spot experiences the banner technology that by Pucimaisite the company brings, the glamour of outstanding character and classical design, witness the birth of the world record with new product of jib pump car.

Have the industry medium of consequence most as heavy industry industry, website of Chinese project machine attended on invitation news briefing. Learn according to 6300 networks reporter, as the world M70-5 of car of pump of the longest jib has made production in its Germany workshop, spread out perpendicular height nearly 70 meters, raised concrete construction considerably cover range. At present the first already is booked by American California client, price is 2 million euro. M70-5 pump car deployed pump of high capacity double piston, the biggest quantity can achieve 200m3/h. To accord with American place code, pucimaisite the company finds a place for the jacket of M70-5 go up in the semi-trailer of a 10 bridges, but the configuration that offers for Europe and other area client can differ somewhat. Pump of cloth lever, frame, foot, center and independent engine (Daoyici 330kW, engine of 6 crocks of derv, europe 3 discharge a standard) place go up in trailer, this trailer is 5 bridges, among them 3 to turn to the bridge. This client chose a power to serve as trailer for the KenworthC500B(10x6/4) of 370kW. In the 5 bridges of trailer, having 3 bridges is drive axle (among them 2 bridges are hydraulic pressure drive, suit slow on complex landform fast travel) , still have 2 bridges to turn to the bridge.

On this press conference, pucimaisite is mechanical (Shanghai) Mr Zhang Jinwang discloses limited company general manager, pucimaisite's mechanical Changzhou factory predicts head period invest 30 million euro, predict to be in 2009 put into production of the end of the year, will carry equipment in order to make concrete to give priority to, increase strength of research and development stage by stage in Shanghai, spread out research and development to interact with the whole world. Zhang Zong points out, the factory of Shanghai and Changzhou won't be simple assembly link, "Make and research and development is two major servicing that prospective company is in China, will be the important one part on global industry catenary. Will be the important one part on global industry catenary..

This will be general Ci throughout history is in Maisite project of the largest investment, also be the chance that Pucimaisite blends in Chinese market in the round. Zhang Zong expresses, because price of equipment of tool of this kind of large scale computer does not poor, the company also can take a variety of kind on sale strategy, if loan, financing is rented,wait for agile and changeful means.
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