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100 special international suffers suffer an effect tiredly at transfer pump and
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When 100 special the share price of international limited company is in ~ dropped between March 2003 in March 2002 when 2/3, magnate of estate of this medical treatment resembles be in the enterprise of biology science and technology of shock condition. But, since in those days, 100 special the market of the company is behaved special grab an eye. Came 5 years in the past, its share price had increased double much, exceeded index of stock of look forward to of large medicine of 500 indexes of standard general Er and Amex easily.
With photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, 100 special the sale first quarter grew the company this year 8% , every dividend profit grows 10% , this is a company successive management outstanding achievement of the 14th quarter exceeds wall street to anticipate. The analyst expresses to this, although 100 particular products do not resemble,be born by force so inviting, but the company pursues diversity strategy, a product has a problem, on other product horse can fill a vacancy.
100 special the management domain cent of the company is 3 respects: Sanitation of biology science and technology, medical treatment serves and nephritic disease is treated. In the sales revenue of 2.9 billion dollar that achieves first quarter

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