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Pump of homebred pilot valve and foreign product still are put in very big diffe
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Company of a few production notices the difference of the exterior quality of pilot valve pump and foreign product, in the from the product exterior structure on exterior quality the cast quality of design, pump housing grabs, the exterior changes development to instrument appearance, make product structure design beautiful, pump housing surface does not hit dirt child, spray paint hind is assembled, make the exterior of pump gives a person the sense that find everything new and fresh.

Nevertheless, pump of homebred pilot valve and foreign product still are put in very big difference, main show is:

Noise, vibration is big. Be like pump of H-150 pilot valve, domestic product great majority should use foundation bolt, otherwise as a result of vibration, pump is creeping and serious; Fuel injection, leakage is oily. The fuel injection when pump is started is serious, the leakage after movement is oily, most product is put in this problem; Stop pump to return oil serious, cause the difficulty that start, make electric machinery overload; Stability, dependability is poor, because produce treatment equipment to lag behind, not only manufacturing efficiency is low, and the interchangeability of component is poor, affected the stability of the product and reliability.

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