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3 ocean will appear on the market hot pump water heater
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3 ocean will appear on the market hot pump water heater, the quantity of heat of the generation when this product uses compressor to compress cold intermediary will heat hot water. Hot changeover efficiency makes an appointment with 5 % than rising so. Used the divides a phase to undertake compression technology that this company develops independently, raised wear thereby, assure for quality of 2 years normally period lengthen to 5 years.

Operation face plate can show the past 1 week or before today moving state and use smiling face or cry the face is denotive hot water dosage, hand-in-hand travel " energy-saving diagnose " . According to the contract using phone that each user signs, between at that time paragraph when plan cost changes, can inform an user through music.

Capacity of hot water packet is 780 thousand 7500 yen for 370 litres product value, 460 litres are 870 thousand 6750 yen. Installation cost is additional collection. Since October 1 ordinal appear on the market.

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