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Promotion of hot pump water heater has market bottleneck
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Compare with electric water heater, water heater of a hot pump can save 825 degrees of report every year. If the whole nation has the electric water heater of 10% to replace hot pump water heater, can save 3.3 billion degrees of report one year. But 1% what efficient and energy-saving hot pump water heater holds share of market of whole of family expenses water heater only at present, the acknowledge in consumer is spent very low also. When concerned expert accepts our newspaper reporter to interview, point out, hot pump water heater wants to gain ground in our country, still must break multiple bottleneck.

The acknowledge of consumer is spent low

According to the country develops and reforming committee energy-saving information transmits Zhang Jianguo of central chief engineer to introduce, hot pump water heater is by heat pump absorbs air heat source to make take hot water, energy-saving efficiency is the 4 times above of electric water heater, it is one of warm water system of most advanced energy-saving environmental protection on eye preexistence bound. Hot pump water heater energy-saving, because its energy has 1/3 to come from electric power only,be, the energy of the others 2/3 comes from at atmosphere. Its principle is with few electric energy, draw the much microtherm heat energy in air, the compression that passes compressor turns into high temperature heat energy, transmit to cistern, heat hot water, specific power consumption is so low, efficiency is tall. These advantages make hot pump water heater rises abruptly quickly nearly two years in home, will complete 300 thousand sales volume 2008, with compared last year, business is 70% above about with amplitude of machine sales volume, amplitude of sales volume of family expenses machine is in 30% the left and right sides.

But the investigation data that studies a company according to Xin Huaxin market shows, although heat up the sale of pump water heater to had grown from 30 million yuan of 2003,go to 1.02 billion yuan of 2007, but popularity rate of water heater of family expenses hot pump is quite low still -- sales volume of family expenses product still was less than 100 thousand 2007, in our country the place on market of water heater of whole family expenses occupies portion to be less than 1% . And the Japan that develops opposite maturity in hot pump water heater, year sales volume already exceeded 1 million, take whole report water heater a group of things with common features group 70% of portion. Before association of international copper trade before long a findings also shows, the home of 96% suffers the person that visit to express to did not hear of overheat pump water heater, do not understand its principle and energy-saving characteristic more.

Tang Bikui of chairman of committee of major of electric equipment of new energy resources of chamber of commerce of Guangdong province home appliance thinks, start new-style and energy-saving product as a kind, hot pump water heater is a kind of newly emerging things, still be to replace a product merely, requisite of and rather than. To consumer, the working principle of water heater burning gas, report water heater is more recipient, but the concept that air source heats up pump product to use air to produce heat energy is returned it seems that to ordinary common people a little " incredible story " , accordingly, the acknowledge of consumer needs a lengthy process. Lighted gas water heater to also experience the market that is as long as more than 10 years to gain ground at the outset, hot pump water heater is facing arduous market as much illuminative. "So, the need inside course of study arises to be popularized energetically jointly. " Wang Lei of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese home appliance thinks, associated promotion can make heat up pump water heater by social community extensive acknowledge. Our country heated up pump water heater to achieve about 1 billion yuan sale 2007, still have very large potential market space, but consumer of quite a few even group user does not understand it. Market acknowledge is spent low let an enterprise grow existence resistance not only, still affected the development of a burgeoning industry.
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