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Frequency control of 9 rivers petrifaction is energy-saving fall bad news
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Progress of science and technology of support of branch of 9 rivers petrifaction realizes Chinese petrifaction Inc. energy-saving fall bad news, to lower the specific power consumption of electric equipment and fault rate, this company begins science and technology actively to tackle key problem, technical reformation, application and frequency control of promotion electric machinery are energy-saving and new and high technology, the frequency control of crucial and electric equipment that designedly organization counterpoise wants to produce device undertakes systematic form a complete set is mixed perfect. The entrance transducer of all sorts of model such as Toshiba, Fuji, Xi Menzi, 3 water chestnut, ABB, in the production such as this company oil refining, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer device received wide application, obtained apparent energy-saving effect, raised the economic benefits of the enterprise, pushed a company energy-saving fall bad news, fall this synergism and can develop continuously.

Frequency control technology with its distinct energy-saving effect, high grade stepless flowing timing, high accuracy ground commands the advantage such as craft parameter, in petro-chemical enterprise general promotion is used. In petro-chemical production process, fan, water pump kind load is according to full load the job needs dosage to design type selecting more, the craft parameter such as face of discharge, fluid, pressure often follows the change of operating mode and change, major working hours is not the fan in applying actually, water pump be in full load to run state. Using traditional method is the fender that be exported through adjusting or enters the mouth, valve degree will adjust the craft parameter such as face of discharge, fluid, its output power to be used up in great quantities the process flows in cut of fender, valve in. Exercise frequency control energy-saving technology, frequency control implement direct control fan, pump kind load is a kind of the most scientific control method, the PID that uses the buy inside transducer adjusts software, can according to craft bear accurately self-adjusting electromotor outputs frequency and rotate speed, maintain constant hydraulic, wind pressure, satisfy the pressure that produces demand of plant machining complex. Apply a proof actually, be in when electric machinery of rated rotate speed 80% when moving, energy-saving efficiency can be achieved 40% . Frequency control implement what still can realize large electromotor is soft start and soft stop machine, avoided the to power system voltage impact when electromotor is started, reduced moving electric current, reduced pump of electromotor, machine and valve equipment fault rate not only, prolong its service life, and effect of managing electric energy is distinct, can obtain better economic benefits, realized electromotor, fan, pump thereby kind the economy of equipment moves.

Air-blower is branch of 9 rivers petrifaction 5 million tons / year flue gas of heating furnace of constant decompression device reclaims important equipment of the system, fan outputs power to be 185kw, original design is through adjusting air door fender realizes wind force adjustment, long-term house does not issue equipment moving specific power consumption high. For managing electric energy, raise heating furnace flue gas to reclaim systematic craft automation controls a standard, raise economic benefits, branch of 9 rivers petrifaction undertakes to its energy-saving transform, use system of fan frequency control to replace the reduce expenditure of air door fender of inefficient, high-energy bad news to control, the A5 of unused a Toshiba after installing catalysis place facility technical reformation frequency control implement have interest old use, after installation was debugged recently successful investment is used. Throw the air-blower frequency control after using implement safety in operation is smooth, have overload, press too, flow too, owe pressure, power source is short of function of equal and automatic protection, equipment fault rate is low, energy-saving effect is apparent. Transducer movement way is agile and diversiform, the operation is convenient, operation personnel needs to adjust only the potentiometer knob on transducer face plate can the hand moves tone to make wind force. Transducer is OK the hand moves control to also can implement automation completely, and can reclaim with heating furnace flue gas systematic automation unit undertakes electric, appearance is interlinked, realize the automatic protection of heating furnace and computer control, because air-blower breaks out an accident,won't affect plant safe production. According to craft bear self-adjusting air-blower electric machinery outputs frequency, in 20Hz the left and right sides moves, electric machinery runs electric current to fall from original 220A to 90A, can satisfy constant decompression device at the same time of 2 heating furnace for wind force, efficiency of electricity of this equipment division is achieved 60% , according to calculating annual but managing charge of electricity 600 thousand yuan.
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