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Analyse of explore of development of liquefied petroleum gas and live
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Liquefied petroleum gas, abbreviation liquid gas (English namely LPG) , it is one of petroleum products. Main by refinery gas or natural gas (include oil field associated gas) pressurization, drop in temperature, a kind of when liquefaction gets colorless, volatile gas. Its chemistry constituent is propane, propylene, butane, Ding Xi kind, still have Xi of a few the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem kind reach the apperception that be not hydrocarbon to close matter, falling to form the liquefied petroleum gas that can store and transports namely through action of high-pressured force and low temperature.

One, the market feature of domestic LPG industry

1, resource characteristic: Process the downstream product of the industry as crude oil, domestic refine changes the yield of the liquefied petroleum gas that the enterprise sells independently to be able to occupy crude oil to process a volume only 6% the left and right sides, about 18 million tons or so. Upriver resource is firm the palm accuses to be in in petrifaction, medium oil and Shandong, Shaanxi under factory of refine of two ground place. Because resource and economic progress are lopsided, our country north still is the exit ground of resource, the south and the eastpart part are the consumptive ground of resource, and mid although be of resource,shed the ground of classics with edge river area, but decrease ceaselessly as what import resource, also make the go out land of resource. Slant as a result of storage capacity of liquid gas of most refine factory small, refine factory is balanced to achieve produce and sale, the organization attracts the carry trade business that steam chamfer and groovy boat give priority to ceaselessly when resource export, weakened igneous chamfer transport power gradually, the fluidity of resource is very outstanding already. As this year second half of the year and even the program with national safe in the near future energy resources, ten million ton the refinery of grade crude process capability will achieve 20 above, at the appointed time the situation aggravate of supply exceeds demand of resource of homebred liquid gas, export trade will be resource digestive important way.

2, market characteristic: As a result of the forestall of upriver resource, to live and develop, liquid gas industry all sorts of management mode are ceaseless emerge in large numbers, type of Composite, combination is waited a moment, have more bind type to manage with upper reaches, wait like business of BP and town sea, 100 rivers and long mountain range, action and Yue Hua; As a result of the industry of liquid gas industry concentration is spent low, great majority city is not spent centrally 40% , accordingly, competition turns white-hot approximately between trafficker, jew, short jin little two, free service, integral consumption returns the method such as benefit to emerge in endlessly, even industry interior strife openly and secretly, violent conflict is ceaseless. Add government of branch of each district function to execute the law differ, execute the law lax, bring about malign competition aggravate. The asymmetry of competitive cost, cause trade of carry of most and large battalion reasonable profit cannot get safeguard, the safe and devoted hardship of natural industry is maintained. In last few years, the business of liquid gas operation of many places to get industry profit, avoid malign competition, established liquid gas combine in succession battalion carry, bring about terminal price forestall again and controlled demand of liquid gas market greatly. The big thrust as natural gas is wide, natural gas and liquid gas are in the urban district work along both lines, market of mutual race to control. Nowadays the marketing channel that 2 armour aether is grafting liquid gas more, be popular replace mix into to mix, structure of market the sources of energy is changed sadly. Add in last few years, because enrage valence house not to fall high, the consumption of power natural resources that makes sexual price higher shows ascendant trend. According to not complete count, in June 2008 portion liquid gas compared to the same period slow down in demand is close last year 11.30% , entrance resource cannot enter a country almost the door. So, henceforth as " the environment is friendly model with resource managing model " double model of the society build, liquid gas will be retreated in the city that develop house next the position, out-of-the-way village is reached to will be able to develop his skill to full western.
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