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Suddenly turn hostile of price of coal of island of Hei Jinqin emperor is writte
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Coal of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty trades an expert of the center expresses: "Island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is a barometer, the government undertook limitative to pithead coal price, but did not undertake limitative to change trains price, the immediate consequence that cause is so this fashionable wind makes the coal of hoard of company of a few coal billow. " nevertheless, national hair changed yesterday appoint publish a document, execute highest price fixing to main haven and coal of force of distributing center quake.
On July 18, sunshine of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is beautiful, harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty still voice noisy and confused, be engaged in the car in an endless stream of coal commerce, because valence resides domestic coal not to fall high, island of right now emperor of the Qin Dynasty is countrywide focus.
Countrywide coal sees Shanxi, coal price of the whole nation sees the consensus that island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is the everybody inside course of study. From Qin Huang insular railway station goes on the road of harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, the taxi driver is speaking, over there besides assemble and unassemble besides labour, other it is wealthy person, very much even person is raising ready money, wait for coal over.
Coal price " suddenly turn hostile "
Coal of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty trades of the center hold water to trade with the linkage of coal electrovalency case at that time, coal closely related mechanism reform.
At the beginning of holding water, a lot of people advocate coal pursues direct sale, in order to reduce intermediate segment. Corresponding ground should reform coal to order goods system, encourage large and medium-sized coal company and large power company sign long-term supply agreement, maintain interest of economy of both sides of produce and sale.
But actually, current field is right of profit gobble up, still cannot avoid till today.
"Do not include resource tax these national categories of taxes, arrive from Shanxi island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, expend such charge besides dot outfit besides, highway transportation should pass 5 link at least, namely of station of canal of place of canal of coal use, carry, policeman, coal and local government ' all ask forring does ' . " the public figure that Shanxi does coal trade business to " daily of the first finance and economics " express.
And the expert thinks, encouraging produce and sale to meet, on the foundation of direct sale, build trade with countrywide coal the center gives priority to body, it is complement with region market, be helpful for a government macroscopical adjusting control, freedom of market main body trades, a variety of trading method and mutiple level trade the modern integrated coal that the place coexists trades system.
Coal of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty trades the pioneer that the center became countrywide coal to trade.
Coal of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty trades central controller expresses, the price of the coal of excellent motive force that sends quantity of heat to be 6000 kilocalorie at present is every tons 1080 yuan of ~ 1110 yuan, the price rises than last week 50 yuan of ~ 60 yuan. Calorific quantity is 4000 kilocalorie ~ the dynamical coal price of 5000 kilocalorie rises in 20 yuan of ~ 40 yuan, go up situation comparing early days increases.
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