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Picket of H profiled bar is the material with aseismatic and optional building
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According to message of Ministry of Education, studying formulate new standard actively at present about the branch, in order to raise school school building aseismatic ability. The basic principle of formulate new standard is, the construction standard of all new school building must want prep above place general and civil architectural builds a standard, want to make school building makes the the firmest, safest structure. Come for years, adopt a few experience that accumulate in the practice that handles in foundation and method, a few experts suggest: The fundamental stake that uses picket of profiled bar of H of construction of hammer of vibration of high frequency hydraulic pressure to build foundation as the school and bear the weight of picket, can prevent what the earthquake arises to school building foundation effectively to destroy, this technology cost raises not much, and safety performance is reliable.

Of steel picket mechanical

Tall shake of function soft intensity is ceaseless

Steel picket applies in the developed country extensive, did not popularize application in great quantities in our country, this is concerned with national condition already, concern with the habit again, still follow construction equipment to concern. In the high-level building of our country, application is the widest is ferroconcrete perfusion picket. Be in in tall, medium in low layer building, application is the widest is PHC picket (prestressing force of excel in concrete manages stake) . It is CFG picket next (call plain concrete picket or rigid picket compound foundation again) , still picket of agitate of powdery body eject, clastic rock picket waits to belong to foundation to reform, call the stake on real significance very hard. A few kinds of picket that mention from the back, basic be tigidity or flimsy, easy when powerful earthquake shake is broken.

Stake is falling without seismic condition, need to satisfy only fight control a demand, the single stake that says normally namely bears the weight of force, but in seismic condition falls, even contented fight unplug requirement (when shaking up and down) reach fight cut a demand (when the level shakes) , and have steel only kind two kinds of requirements after picket can be contented. Assume movable mould of such a kind of shake: A small rigid object is placed on a large and rigid plane, there are any joins between these two objects, let large plane control vibration up and down, what phenomenon will produce? It is next left and right sideses on small object more mixed and disorderly jumpy, 2 it is tipping. If pass both reliable flexible body tries to join, can produce following phenomena: Be small object shake extent so big without large plane, 2 it is to do not have tipping. This is OK picket of steel of better land specification serves as flexible picket is right when the earthquake the damping that building place produces, aseismatic action.

People may worry, steel stake is used in foundation, if picket produces rusty corrode, a certain number of after year, be to do not have picket below the building? The advantage that above mentions not not answer existed? Still be inferior to concrete picket even, after all it won't be cankered. Above all, steel picket buries the ground greatly the following, oxygen is few, to picket corrode action finite, when steel picket uses oscillatory facility construction, the soil all round picket is met by farther brace up close, oxygen is farther separate out, layer contains oxygen the quantity is fewer, smaller to the rustily action of picket. Next, sinking steel picket before underground, can make a few simple physics or chemical antirust processing to steel picket, fight rustily ability with raising its further. Such, what the service life of steel picket can amount to hundreds years is long. Current, round-the-world trade centre of Jin Mao edifice of the foundation processing of room of Shanghai treasure steelworks, Shanghai and Shanghai applied steel picket to make ground.
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