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Global oil price rises industry of raw material energy accepts favour
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Below the big setting that rises in violent wind of global oil price, can replace petrolic to give birth to corporeal the sources of energy to get social all walks of life more and more fixing eyes upon. And of oil price rising is a new opportunity however for industry of qualitative to biology energy, chinese biology pledges energy industry is being formed.

Development biology fuel is germinant and good

On the academician plenary meeting that held a few days ago, of Huang Jili of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering " our country but strategy of development of second birth energy studies " the report points out, china should develop biology active and reliably to pledge liquid fuel is mixed product of biology radical industry replaces oil.

September 2007, the country was released " but long-term development plans in second birth the sources of energy " , put forward clearly 2010, increase dosage of annual interest of alcohol of fuel of the raw material that be not grain 2 million tons, dosage of biology derv annual interest achieves 200 thousand tons; To 2020, dosage of annual interest of biology fuel alcohol achieves 10 million tons, dosage of biology derv annual interest achieves 2 million tons, add up to year the goal that replaces oil of about 10 million tons of finished product. Hold to " do not contend for grain with the person, do not contend for the ground with grain " principle, strict control uses the fuel of biology of food oily product such as corn.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, chinese agriculture college teachs Shi Yuanchun to evaluate, chinese government puts forward to develop the principle is not grain of biology fuel, ensured food safety already, pointed out the road of development again; Accord with Chinese national condition already, comply with international to develop a tendency again. China in petrolic biology fuel is replaced on had a very good beginning.

Give birth to the two big a magic weapon of corporeal the sources of energy

China is less than the population big country of 0.1 hectare as farmland of average per capita, producing biology fuel for raw material with commissariat is impossible apparently. And be in China, just of resource of blame commissariat raw material is very rich. Shi Yuanchun thinks, the raw material the sources of energy that develops our country has two big a magic weapon. The first a magic weapon is potato kind, basically be cassava and sweet potato. Our country is potato kind big country, cultivate an area to occupy the 2/3 of world gross area. Our country potato kind basically use now make feed and starch. Shi Yuanchun says: "Potato kind it is not to belong to commissariat in the world kind, but be in China, it also is regarded as when harvest is bad grain ration, press 5 ∶ the scale of 1 includes food. As people living standard rise, potato kind had not belonged to food category. Potato kind had not belonged to food category..
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