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Times of the oil after seeking new energy resources will come eventually
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He Shigong of president of network of banking of dean of academy of finance of chairman of congress of world oil finance, China, China expressed recently, energy problem is the major problem that China faces not only, also be the major problem that the world faces. Of the price of traditional fossil the sources of energy such as oil, coal upsurge ceaselessly and the environmental problem that creates from this, had forced a whole world to collect the look on development of new energy resources. Development new energy resources and but second birth the sources of energy, it is the need that global economy grows continuously, also be the need of security of energy natural resources, energy and strategy of environment of the sources of energy.

"Hind oil times " will come eventually

Hill of Wang Qi of Vice Prime Minister of the State Council points out, energy problem is the issue closes the mankind to live the global task with development, also be Sino-US two energy production and the focus that consume big country to pay close attention to jointly.

Current, the fossil the sources of energy such as oil, coal, natural gas still is the main the sources of energy of the world, in the world the sources of energy is supplied in occupy about 87.7% . Among them, oil is occupied 37.3% , coal is occupied 26.5% , natural gas is occupied 23.9% . The sources of energy of world blame fossil and but although second birth the sources of energy grows very fast, but the scale that still keeps inferior, it is about 12.3% .

World economy progress makes clear adequately, the growth rate of the sources of energy and synchronism of Gross National Product grow, show positive to close. Go up 100 years of the century, the population of on the world 15% finished industrialization, make oil wastage quick increase, from on many tons of 2400 violent wind at the beginning of the century rises 3 billion tons. In new century, enter the population that has 85% industrialization, wastage of the sources of energy is sure increase further.

The data that reports according to statistic of world energy resources shows, although world energy reserves still is continueing to increase, but tellurian the sources of energy is finite after all, and the energy consumption of human society increases gradually. With current consumptive rate, do not need 100 years, the energy natural resources such as world oil and natural gas eventually will dried up.

"The mankind will come true actively ' hind oil times ' changeover of the sources of energy. " ingot of Xu of Chinese energy expert bright say, "China replaces the sources of energy to develop way is replace traditional the sources of energy with new energy resources, in order to actor or actress potential energy source is replaced rare lack the sources of energy, rise stage by stage replace the sources of energy the action in the sources of energy.

Li Junfeng of researcher of institute of the sources of energy of Chinese Academy of Sciences expresses: "Although short-term inside new energy resources lives to solving production effectively medium the sources of energy is in short supply and the problem such as environmental protection can not bring too large contribution, but from long-term in light of, develop energetically new energy resources and but second birth the sources of energy, can make the development of global the sources of energy, economy and environment is coordinated each other stage by stage, achieve the goal that can develop continuously thereby. Achieve the goal that can develop continuously thereby..
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