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Steely course of study price of this steel of carbon of the general inside Zhou
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A week trends:

Domestic steel price: Price of this steel of carbon of the general inside Zhou Guo continues to manage dish of whole situation, assortment of the others outside dividing hot-rolling board to coil is small small drop 0.3%~0.8% . Price of stainless steel cold rolling is in this week after dropping continuously is stable. 5 oxidation the price of 2 vanadium and vanadium goods continues to drop, accumulative total drops this month had achieved respectively 11.3% , 15.73% , at phase of exalted fall after a rise. According to the investigation of Mysteel, think domestic steel price will continue to adjust next week for the most part, those who deserve attention is bullish scale is less than 4% , relatively before a few weeks drop considerably.

International steel price: Korea market gets riverside improve hot-rolling product product of 150000 Han Yuan, cold rolling 165000 Han Yuan's influences, hot-rolling price relatively rise last week 16.5% , cold rolling rises last week 26.4% (see last week weekly) . Market of price of other nation steel is stabilized basically. Price of this futures of week LME billet closes at 990 dollars / ton, this also is the lowest price since LME will roll out this futures breed this year in April, relatively drop last week 7.0% , already successive 3 weeks drop.

Raw material: This week sea freight is being answered last week after going up, go up drop each other shows, on the west bay to Chinese course iron ore marine expenses rises 4.7% , brazil is mixed to Chinese sea freight BDI index this week drops respectively 2.6% with 2.4% . Price of this the coke inside Zhou Guo is successive after a few months rises two weeks maintain stability, it is worth while whether future continues rise attention. This week nickel price drops 5% , relatively had dropped before New Year 37.8% .

Inventory: Shanghai wire inventory from rebound continuously since June, this week amplitude 26.69% , relatively the inventory before January increases nearly one times. Shanghai cold rolling board coils and whorl steel inventory also appears to rebound considerably, this week increases respectively 10.4% with 11.14% . From the point of the whole nation, rolled steel inventory is stabilized basically.

Share price and appraise are worth: This week home steely share price drops on average 3.82% , expression slightly strong Yu Hushen 300 indexes 0.9% , saddle steel share price goes low considerably. This week international is steely an expression not beautiful, there are 8 to drop in 10 steely companies that dog, american market is steely kind drop more than 10% . The profit of net of 2 quarterly reports that although button will stalk or branch on July 17,announces relatively the corresponding period grew 68% last year, but stem from anxious to what thirdly quarterly profit drops, its share price steeped fall instead that day 11% .

A week comments on:

Crop of crude steel of portion our country was 46.94 million tons in June 2008, grow 10.2% compared to the same period, relatively will add in May fast reduce 3 percent, cast iron crop is 43.39 million tons, increase compared to the same period 6.9% , iron ore crop is 81.56 million tons, increase compared to the same period 27.1% .
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