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Guangdong- - oil reserve is not worth 20 days
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After from June 20 finished product oil moves price, guangdong each district especially bead three-cornered oily barren be able to temporarily slow. But newest investigation makes clear, current situation of Guangdong's extremely at present low finished product reserve is the main reason that causes all previous oily shortage, guangdong still defect lacks oily hot water.

Guangdong saves center of the survey that save passion to will release a name to be on July 21 " the cause of formation that oil of Guangdong finished product is in short supply and countermeasure " investigation report.

According to the report person that draft Hong Kai's associate professor introduces, because Guangdong area has not build in the center of lay in with local government oil, oil business inventory is not worth 20 days, greatly under the level of 90 days of reserve with accepted international. Reserve is not worth your government to cannot use reserve resource adjustment market is supplied, stablize market price case.

In addition, oil of Guangdong province finished product consumes main concentration to be in bead trigonometry area, but bead between trigonometry city, and luxuriant name petrifaction and bead perfect crude oil and manage of finished product vitta had be notted form to carry a system between trigonometry. When the market supplies insecurity, cannot assemble quickly oil tastes lash-up.

Because the government lacks the resource that stablizes oil price and medium of communication, annual spring and winter, guangdong often can appear periodic finished product oily barren. To this, the personage inside course of study ascribes oily barren to 4 big Petroleum Company (in petrifaction, medium petrifaction, medium sea oil, medium change) the international crude price that is tall to rushing look forward to and think to furnish to compress.

" report " think, before entrance of Guangdong petroleum products basically relies on 4 big Petroleum Company and the local business that enjoy right of administration of petroleum products imports and exports. But from 2007 second half of the year rises, after the country tightened up petroleum products imports and exports to run policy, requirement place enterprise imports petroleum products to must entrust representative of 4 big Petroleum Company, make the room for manoeuvre that oil of our region of local government adjusting control supplies greatly contractible. Data shows, in share of oily market of Guangdong finished product, petrifaction market share occupies 65 % in; Oil occupies 25 % in; Sea oil occupies 0.5 % only in; The society manages an unit to occupy 10 % left and right sides.

Because natural resources of this locality oil gas is limited, guangdong oil gas supplies external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent taller, save oil of of all kinds entrance to taste the 75.61 % that occupy complete province oil to taste consumption completely, far outclass the countrywide average level of 47.48 % . Be based on above reason just about, whenever rise of international crude price, guangdong saves oily barren corner to be magnified quickly.
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