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Iran announces rediscover new oil field the 3rd times
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According to the report, housaiyin Nuzali says Gulamu of Iranian oil minister 22 days, iran discovered an underground has the new oil field of reserves of about 500 million pails of oil again inside division of a of the southwest ministry of home significant production a few days ago. This is Iran announces the 3rd times to discover new oil field inside this month.

Nuzali says, this Aermode that be called (Arvand) the suburb that new oil field is located in A Badan city.

Well-known, a Badan city is the oil city with the famousest Iran, there are petro-chemical factory and company of relevant form a complete set over there, it is Iranian fortune most centralized place.

Iran announces in this new discovery has announced this country discovers the message of new oil field 2 times early or late before. The new oil field that announces discovery for the first time has 1.1 billion pails of geological reserve, and the underground of new oil field that announces discovery the 2nd times has reserves of 525 million pails of oil.

The speaking content that meeting that Nuzali is attending Reuter cite to be held in Teheran publishs to media reporter reports, iran discovers new big oil field one after another recently, the 3rd when Iran discovers inside this month new oil field is called oil field of A Ermo heart, this new oil field has reserves of 500 million pails of oil.

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