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The new-style fuel that stands fast below mad oil price can welcome capacious pr
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"6 years ago, when we just began to make mellow aether fuel, annual of international crude oil all valence just every pails of 26 dollars. Now, had gone up to 140 dollars to control a pail. This is right for us, it is an opportunity. " after experiencing hardship to do poineering work, the Feng Shihe that going all out in work rather then believes new-style fuel can welcome capacious prospect necessarily.

Take new the sources of energy " crab "

After Chengdu lotus pool finished primitive accumulation, world of Feng of the person that satisfy peace and to new energy resources " methanol gasoline " generated strong interest. This new technology produces methyl alcohol with coal, natural gas and other material, add in benzine, become a kind of cleanness, environmental protection, energy-saving new-style car to use fuel. 2002, feng world and the associate with have a common goal established Sichuan Xin to get benefit vehicle to use fuel firm.

6 years of exploration between, xin got benefit to master those who produce M10-M100 methanol fuel to have a technology only. Feng Shihe says, m10-M100 shows place of content of the methanol in fuel holds proportion, m10 contains the methyl alcohol of 10% in fuel namely, m100 is formed by methanol entirely.

Use the property of methanol fuel for car of test and verify, feng world and the car oneself undertake changing one's costume or dress, used the methanol gas that the company produces. "Left so long, a bit problem had not gone. " Feng Shihe says, "We ever drove a few cars technically, carry methanol gas, had run Tibet, have been to Wuhan, most prep so far as is too northeast, arrive from high temperature low cold, even the place of 0 30 much Celsius, our product can move normally. Our product can move normally..

Market sale encounters bottleneck

However, the company is started before long, encountered bottleneck.

Methanol is dangerous and combustible chemical, at present the country has petrolic safety to administer a regulation only, the safety that does not have methanol fuel administers a regulation, in addition, the quality standard of methanol fuel, standard that pack, gas station establishs standard, tail gas to discharge a series of problems such as the standard to remain to refine.

"Build gas station to be examined and approve very hard come down, original gas station does not let enter again. " Feng Shihe says, the car wanders in the car to be sold with oil all the time with methanol fuel advocate besides channel.

Xin gets interest firm recruit car of many 500 experiment, low lets a driver use methanol gas. They installed electronic fuel freely to change equipment for the driver, and to device the car of this equipment undertakes dogging to be cleaned service, freely. Used teach of methanol petrolic Zhang Shi to say, "This kind of fuel erupts force is powerful, carry fast fast, not combustible, explode not easily, safer. Safer..

Even if is such, the income of the company achieves big growth hard all the time, a few partner often need to earn money from other place come allowance Xin gets benefit.
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