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Gain of tycoon of oil of difficult shake of oil refining deficit firm stone
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Yesterday, the data that Chinese oil and chemical industry association publish shows, medium first half of the year this year oil, medium petrifaction the oil refining enterprise of tycoon of two old oil still loss is severe, be as high as 5.71 billion yuan, than going up year of the corresponding period add deficient 47.9% . Although the country gave certain allowance first half of the year, case of finished product oil price also made shift, but total profit circumstance still decreases tycoons greatly. Message personage discloses, in oil this year first half of the year the profit before duty relatively on year the corresponding period drops 39% , petrifaction also predicts profit will be decreased in 50% . And what do not involve oil refining basically is medium sea oil all shows an advantage, this company is announced, profit of amalgamative first half of the year net amounts to 18.95 billion yuan, grow 35.2% compared to the same period.

Drawback fills hard oil refining is gigantic deficient

Relevant controller shows oil in, suffer the extracts extraordinary profit gold to increase considerably effect that international oil price lasts to perch moves and be brought about, in oil this year the profit before 1-6 month duty relatively on year the corresponding period drops 39% , but still earned a RMB greatly 56.4 billion yuan. This controller still expresses, this group collects 1-6 month extraordinary profit gold 47.6 billion yuan, it is to go up of amount of year of extraction of the corresponding period 3 times much.

Relevant expert expresses inside course of study: "High oil price besides the oil in the influence, the impact is bigger the petrifaction in be opposite. After case of finished product oil price is being moved on the oil in although the petrifaction in the income of generation wants,be more than, but the income that this share increases should make up for crude oil to rise in price greatly brings cost rises, generate real profit hard, just reduce the scope of its deficit. After moving price last time, point of equilibrium of profit and loss of oil refining of the petrochemical in can making raises about 21 dollars / bucket, point of equilibrium of company whole profit and loss raises 120-125 dollar / bucket, and current crude price still prep above this price, so in petrifaction the outstanding achievement this year still very difficult to good. " even if is such, in oil, medium petrifaction still has had one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight to enter Zhang.

A few days ago, national treasury department ever expressed, petrifaction obtains the oil of 4-6 month finished product of 2.51 billion yuan of RMBs to import drawback of value added tax in, this and before in him petrifaction anticipate differ very big. In before petrifaction interior personage estimation, press an entrance international oil price is average computation of every pails of 120 dollars, every months of crude oil imports allowance to be able to amount to 7 billion yuan or so. Such calculation, allowance of 2 quarters crude oil achieves 21 billion yuan to major general. Of allowance decrease, still basically result from of case of oil price of domestic finished product on tone.
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