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Raise coke to export custom duty to answer iron ore to rise in price
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The current situation of Chinese coke

In coke domain, china occupied crop of coke whole world and the half above that commerce measures, it is the old of the to the letter that can control pharynx and larynx of course of study of global iron and steel. Coke factory price of Hua Dong is 2000-2400 yuan / ton, the price reaching a plant of mainstream product is in 3000 yuan / ton above. Coke price is climbed ceaselessly litre, the exit of coke also presents fervent situation. As we have learned, at present stocks of Tianjin harbor coke is controlled in 2.5 million tons, relatively the corresponding period increased considerably last year. Haven personage is analysed, harbor puts an amount big, because global coke demand is exuberant,basically be, export price of sale in domestic market of price prep above. As we have learned, coke export price is the at present most high-energy reach 720 dollars / ton (FOB) , clinch a deal commonly valence is in 695-700 dollar / ton (FOB) . Up to 8 years June the middle ten days of a month, international coke price already reached 620 dollars / ton (FOB) , and domestic coke price just just was achieved after raising price for many times 3, 000 yuan / ton right-and-left price, both between still put in greater value difference, this is to bring about coke of home of nearly a few months to export a quantity to walk along tall main reason considerably.

Domestic coke exports those who grow certainly will to cause custom duty to go up tone

In international the price rises continuously and demand of downstream and steely trade is driven exuberantly, domestic coke price shows the near future to rise ceaselessly all the time trend, with be being called home reachs world coke " barometer " Shanxi coke price is exemple, 8 years coke has undertaken 4 times raising price, the price of every tons of coke moves 100 yuan on March, 200 yuan are moved on April, 200 yuan are moved on May, tone goes up at the beginning of June 300 yuan, after moving price a few times, anxious price of 2 class metallurgy already amounted to every tons 2, 700 yuan to 2, 900 yuan, permit anxious vehicle of one class metallurgy board the price that contain tax is carried out 2, 980 yuan / ton, rise range is distinct, and still have go up motivation. On the other hand, the cooking coal price that coke production wants also is rising continuously, this produced an enterprise to bring management pressure to coke. The 92 % that at present coking coal cost has occupied coke to produce cost come 93 % , of coking coal cost small a wave motion, can make cooking industry very difficult bear alone, must swim downward move, can restrict output only otherwise.

China is in limitative crop while still will limit export likely

China also tries to limit coke export with the means of quota, reduce pollution. As we have learned, the branch is possible related the near future go up once more focus charcoal exports custom duty 5 percent above, make coke exports custom duty to achieve the perch of 30 % , this produces apparent inhibition to coke exit.
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