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Price of rolled steel later period will still maintain perch
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Yesterday, report of monthly of association of Chinese iron and steel industry shows, june, production of our country iron and steel increases fast fall after a rise, rolled steel exit continues to drop, market supply and demand is balanced basically, price of domestic steel products carried relatively smooth moving state; Because market of international rolled steel is supplied slant close, inventory is inferior, rolled steel price continues to rise, later period market will still perch moves.

According to statistic, june, value of domestic steel products is total present small to adjust posture. In June end, integrated price index is domestic steel products 161.47 a little bit, annulus comparing rises 4.61 a little bit, rise 2.94% , than going up the month goes up a fall after a rise 3 percent. In June with will compare in May, in steel assist material price grows in breed of 8 when monitor main rolled steel by litre turn fall, among them steel of general line, whorl is little drop, the index falls 1.6 a little bit to mix 2.96 a little bit respectively, the price drops 55 yuan / ton mix 104 yuan / ton; Plank and tubal material price continue to maintain go up situation, do not have among them seam canal and plating zine plate to go up apparent, the index rises 13.32 a little bit to mix 8.67 a little bit respectively, rise in price 616 yuan / ton mix 448 yuan / ton. Having the main reason that seams a canal to rise is cast iron, useless steel, coke and tubal base price rise considerably and increase without the exit that seam a canal; In thick board, hot thin plate, heat coils board go up with cold rolling thin plate relatively lesser, the index rises 2 to at 5 o'clock, rise in price 89 reach 258 yuan / ton, go up an apparent fall after a rise.

The report says, natural resources of coal of coking of domestic steely industry will continue June in short supply, northward cooking enterprise go up twice considerably tone coke producer price, end coking coal and metallurgy anxious annulus will compare every tons to rise respectively in June 488 yuan mix 404 yuan, the month goes up panel height is amounted to 38.2% with 17.1% ; Useless steel, cast iron rises in price 161 yuan / ton mix 338 yuan / ton, annulus comparing goes up 4.2% with 7.6% , all exceed rolled steel rises in price integratedly that month level; Home and spot price of entrance iron ore continue to rise. Steely production cost rises continuously, form to price of domestic steel products strong prop up. In the meantime, june, annulus of inventory of rolled steel of 26 staple market of our country is compared drop 22 thousand tons, fall 0.8% , successive already 4 months maintain drop impetus. End is large and medium-sized in May the rate of produce and sale of steely enterprise is achieved 98.64% .

In steel assist think, because the country continues to carry out from tight monetary policy, partial industry appeared the state of capital insecurity, especially business of rolled steel trade, sufferred capital influence to appear even the phenomenon of undersell. Because rolled steel price rises ceaselessly, partial user also has wait-and-see treat bought condition. Because light material to rise in price formerly, electric power, carriage insecurity and country are increased fall into disuse backward produce ability to spend wait for an element, iron and steel of later period our country produces the situation that will continue to maintain low speed to grow. Second half of the year, the infrastructure after calamity of pluvial snow, earthquake and building rebuild, the requirement that raises pair of rolled steel. Steely crop is added fast put delay, rolled steel demand won't have apparently abate, the posture that domestic supply and demand balances basically won't be changed. Pull in demand move the double action that rises with cost to fall, price of rolled steel of home market of predicting later period will still carry exalted moving state, but not different breed, contemporaneous likelihood appears small wave motion.
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