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Oil is reached in in corrode of half an year of petrifaction mother oil refining
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According to Chinese oil (15.16, - 0.22, - 1.43% , ) announced a few days ago with chemical industry association, although the country gives in oil and in petrochemical parent company is many allowance, and finished product oil price also wins promotion, but in oil group and in enterprise of the oil refining below petrifaction group division, still severe loss 5.71 billion yuan (RMB, similarly hereinafter) , than last year the deficit of the corresponding period increases 47.9% .

Outback medium " capital times " Feng Shiliang expresses deputy secretary-general of quote China oil and chemical industry association, by at global oil price is high first half of the year look forward to, the petrifaction industry that includes oil refining inside, production continues to maintain rapid growth, but economic benefits is added situation is apparently abate, oil refining business is serious deficit.

Feng Shiliang points to again, by Wu Gao oil price drives raw material price to rise considerably, your cost of whole industry cost raises, yield rate drop, gain ability is abate. Oil and chemical industry from successive 5 years benefit maintains two digit growth, turn to drop to be close to, reflective trade unfavorable situation is adverse.

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